I am not yet ready for the year to end. This feeling of not having enough time always makes me feel sorry. Sorry because I feel that I havent done enough. For myself, for my family, for the kids and for my friends. 

The chase with time is an endless chase. But I still dare try to keep up. It can be exciting at times especially if you really love what you are doing and want to get results. There are also those exhausting moments, those days that I just want to get through with or I dont know why I do what I do or my physical body wont cooperate. 

During those exhausting days, I wonder how time looks at me. Does time take pity on me because I still have a lot of things to do but I cant move on anymore? Or is it laughing at me because no matter how I try to keep up I just can't? I can only wonder for I will never know. Time will never tell me it is just there to offer itself. 

Time is just there. No feelings. It has nothing else to offer but itself. 

There are days that I say time is cruel. On days that I fail because I have no time and energy, i blame the cruelty of time. It has no consideration. Had it slowed down, I probably would had done many things. 

If Time can be slowed down so I could keep up, will I take time to stop and smell the roses? Will I be able to realize what's important in my life if I just keep pon moving? Will I take time to say thank you to the people who makes my life worth-living? 

I can never know. 

In the end, no matter how I label time to be cruel and inconsiderate, it ceaselessly gives me another chance. Every day I wake up to a bright new day to continue what were left undone. Finish the unfinished. Live. Appreciate. Be grateful. 

I may not be ready to let go of the year but I have to. I cant do anything about it but I guess, I can do something about how I want my future to be. 

Time, I will never stop trying to keep up with you. So, please do not stop giving me another chances to try. 


  1. I look at time in a different way, maybe because it had been nicer to me. I remember being bored rather than being busy. I recall doing nothing instead of running around trying to do multiple things at a time. All we need right now, in our present time, is to set priorities. All the lamentations but in the end, there is always a tomorrow. Have a great year my friend!

    1. I had been frustrated last week at na-post ko to sa notes ko sa phone dahil I had to miss a very important career event dahil sobrang pagod na ko sa morning event sa school. I thought I could get through the day but my body had been screaming for rest. I was actually under medication pero dahil nga wala ding pahinga, halos wala ding epekto yung gamot. It had been like that for the entire December. Nakapahinga lang ako ng todo nung 22nd na.

      I hope to have a great year! You too!! Sana nga mabisita na din kita jan :)

    2. Sure, sabihan mo ako in advance dahil kapag spring or summer break, wala po ako dito.

  2. Bago na pala ang iyong header cher Kat! Nice :)

    Ganyan din ang nararamdaman ng marami, yung iba they just let it go, let it go :) Tama ka na dapat tayong mag-move on :)

    More power to you cher Kat! Merry Christmas!

    1. Dapt mag-move on at magpahinga. Yun yun eh. Hahaha

      Have an awesome year ahead of you! :D Sana rin maka-eyeball na kita! Hahahahha

  3. We may not always be able to keep up with time, but Mr. Time shows us that we can learn from his phases.

    Merry Christmas Yccos!:)

  4. Wishing you the best time ever in 2015:)


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