First of August 2015

August 1st welcomed me overwhelmingly.

I thought that leaving a company I had worked for only 10 weeks will be somewhat easy and emotionless. I had a pictured it to be a day of a few smiles and goodbyes, that's it. A final email blast to all and then I have a few final errands and then I have a plane to catch later that afternoon for a vacation. As I go back to that day, I hD made a few realizations.

1. If you keep on thinking about something, all the universe conspires.

At the start of the shift, I was craving for pizza but since my three friends in the team don't wanna go out, I told myself that I'll just eat pizza on another day. Lo and behold, the boss decided to treat us for lunch! (Because he is also leaving for the US the following Monday)  It felt like a despedida for me too! Aside from the pizza I was craving for, pasta and hot wings and pistachio ice cream were served on our table. 

2. We can make friends even at the shortest span of time of being together. We just have to be honest of who we are and learn to trust each other.

RJ not in the picture. Busy with boyfriend duties.

For the past 10 weeks, I had grown fond of 4 persons in my team, three of which I usually eat lunch with Gayzelle, Red and Angel. Then, there's my seatmate, RJ. I had really tried to keep my circle small for I knew in myself that I won't last long in this company. 

3. It doesn't really matter where you spend some time together, what food you'll eat and how much you'll spend. As long as you are with the right kind of people, conversations can go non-stop, giggles and laughter will fill the air. And there's always a room for wonderful surprises. 

For my final send off, the five of us decided to have coffee somewhere aftershift. Our first stop was City of Dreams, but since it was too early, the shops upstairs were still closed and the one at the center of the casino was too pricey. So, we decided to bounce to Resorts World Manila. I wonder why we decided to do that, we probably just wanted to be somewhere new and somewhere safe to vent out our deep and dark frustrations. Same scenario with RWM though, stores are still closed aside from the McDonalds at the ground floor of Remington Hotel. We definitely enjoyed our conversations over BFF fries and Chicken Fillet Burgers. Funny as it may seem, but we just laugh at it and had non-stop stories about just everything. But before we bid goodbye, Gayzelle handed me something: two picture frames- one filled with a collage of the four of us together and a smaller one mounted on a Hello Kitty stand with a collage of my photos she got from facebook.

4. There is always something good in something bad.

I was running late for my afternoon flight to Busuanga for a 4-day vacation. It was 40 minutes before flight schedule and the check in counter was already closed. The flight details finalized. Then, Sir Jo called me and told me to tell the check in personnel that flight was delayed for another 40 minutes. I had no check in baggage, and I am really ready to dispute the closing of the gates earlier by 15 minutes. But still, thank goodness for that delayed flight. I literally cried upon seeing Cher Jo at the onboarding waiting area. Hahaha.

It's my birthday month and that was just the first day of August! So many things to be thankful for. It feels good to live a life of gratefulness. I'm still trying to collect my thoughts on how I wanna look back into it. And this is how I wanna remember my 1st of August 2015. 
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  1. I will comment re number 4. There is always something good in something bad. We were able to leave because of the delayed flight. We were able to eat because your ATM came to the rescue. We were able to see the wreckage even with the not so good weather. And within those four days, you were always happy and filled with smiles (while looking at your mobile screen the whole time, ha,ha,ha) Happy ka na, eh di wow! Lol!

    1. Great teacher and an awesome student you are! Ambilis matuto gamiting yung "eh di wow!" Hahaha..

      Haynaku, much more kilig if we really saw my crush in Culion.. Hahaha.. Kakafrustrate na ewan. Lols.

      Excited to see photos from your cam. Hihihi

  2. Birthday month daw kase natin kaya lucky tayo (though ako hindi masyado) sabi ni Universe.hehe

    Sir Jo, kahit ba sa Coron nakaphone pa rin yan si Yccos?hehe

    1. You probably miss the little good things kaya hindi mo maramdaman yung good vibes our birthday month brings :) it's never a bad month, just bad moments.. $h*t happens and just shake it off ala Taylor Swift. Hehe.. Tsaka bebefroi ka-chat din kaya kita nun ha!!! Hahaha. :)

    2. Aba kasama kami pero iba ang ka chat, lol!

  3. belated Happy birthday yccos!!!
    "We can make friends even at the shortest span of time of being together. We just have to be honest of who we are and learn to trust each other" I love this message.. i hope i can always apply this to myself
    Oh nice.. sabi nga nila God is working in His most mysterious way and that delayed flight is probably his way para makahabol ka sa flight and I bet you guys had a blast

    1. Blue sa 17 pa ;) hehe. I just got used to having a month-long celebration kasi marami kaming magkakapatid at magpipinsan nanagcecelebrate ng bday pag august. So we have a lot of reasons to gather, eat and make gala before.

  4. Wow, happy birthday and it seems like everythings going well with you! The travels and splashes uuuggghhh! kainggit! :(


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