Inside Out

Im not a movie buff. I usually just get to watch movies by recommendation or if somebody asks me out. Inside Out is one movie that lingered on me. If you haven't watched, I strongly suggest you take time to do so and let that vulnerable side of you show. 

I am writing from what I remember from the day I watched it. 

If I were still a grade 3 teacher, I wonder what kind of questions would I ask for the post processing of the movie.... 

1. What is disgust? Joy? Sadness? Anger? Fear? Disgust?

2. Can you show me the face of somebody feeling joy? Sadness? Disgust? Fear? Anger? 

3. Do you think it's right to prevent Sadness from holding any memory balls? Is it right that all the memories we have are happy ones? 

4. If you were one of those Emotions, who would you be? 

5. Remember when Anger took over the control of the console, did he ever accomplish anything right? Why do you think so? 

6. How about Fear? Where do you think Fear is from? 

7. Remember Bing Bong, do you have your own Imaginary Friend? What is his/her name? 

8. Why do you think Sadness knows a lot of things? 

9. What is your favorite childhood memory? 

10. What have you learned from the movie? 

My teacher friend said I can still facilitate such activity. I just have to go and visit them and bring the entire theatre set up that I used to have in school. 

I'll put that on my schedule. 


  1. Teacher lang talaga ang gagawa ng ganyang questionnaire matapos ng isang movie. Hehehe! Usually people would rate a movie. Sae the trailer and I think it's interesting.

    Yun lang ba talaga emotions? I think meron din yung si Horny na later on in life lumalabas. Hahaha!

    1. Hahaha... Bata pa sila pls.. Wag muna nun...

      Pag nasa ganung level na ang discussion, iinvite kita as moderator!! :D

    2. Ako talaga. Ang emotion ko lang naman ay si Hunger. hahaha!


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