Slow Down


I am begging time to go a bit slow but it never seem to notice my plea.  

A few more days and August 2015 will come to a close. A lot of things happened. Good and bad. Bad moments, yeah, nevertheless, it's a wonderful life. I am nothing but a grateful soul saved by grace. 

Let me try to do a random post about my August 2015.

1st of August: 
I said goodbye to my previous company.
I almost didn't make it to my flight schedule. Thank goodness for the delay. 
Day 1 of Coron Adventure with Cher Jo and Emil had started. 

It will always be a favorite getaway in my memory. Aside from the really beautiful Palawan I had came to visit. I also had the chance to be with two amazing persons I have met in the blogworld. I had a cake courtesy of Emil to kickoff my month-long birthday celebration. And cutesy gifts from Cher Jo and lotsa freebies along the way. 

6th of August: 
First day high at my new job. 

8th of August:
Gathered with some of my favorite and awesome co-alumnis for an anniversary celebration. 

16th of August:
Surprised with a birthday cake courtesy of my younger sister Bebs.
Dinner with good friends at a buffet for free! 

17th of August: 
My birthday. 
Mama got rushed to the hospital due to dizziness and on and off fever. 

23rd of August:
Regular Sunday hangout at home with Papa noticing my eyebrows. He asked if they were tattooed. Of course, they are not. Lol

25th of August:
Received confirmation of official enrolment for first sem SY 2015-2016.

29th of August:
Anticipating a gathering with wonderful people again. And my being a major fag hag activated. 

30th of August:
Talent fest in church. 
Last day of the Philippine Literary Fest in Fairmont Hotel Makati

And many other events, people and things I probably had forgotten that happened along the way. Either good or bad. 

Overall, I had never felt that old fear and pity to myself because I have no money. My salary is delayed and I got the hang of spending on basic things. Mama had a health card to take care of her medical expenses. Thank God for dependent-eligibility with the HMO in our company. 

I may not have cash however, I was able to  go somewhere, continue my education, get into the company I had been wanting to be in, and finally, I felt the love and security amongst the people I am with either physically or cyberly. I dont know how could I ever say thank you and return all the love I had received. I will try my best. 

September isn't so far, but I guess my transition phase is almost over and I am ready for whatever is ahead, focusing on what is important--- family, friends, investments, savings, and that diploma. 

What about lovelife? Oh come on life, surprise me! 



  1. Hello cher Kat :)
    Daming ganaps sayo this month of August. May good and bad. Pero syempre mahalagang mag focus tayo palagi dun sa mga magagandang pangyayari. Ang saya ng vacation nyo nila sir Jo sa Coron plus yung birthday mo pa :) Wishing you all the best on the coming months ahead.

    1. Thanks fiel!!! :D :D :D Sana mabisita ka namin ulit soon!!!!!

  2. Dios mio ang ending.... que horror. Hahaha! Isipin mo, tayong mga career, nasa atin na ang kagandahan at lahat, love life lang tayo nga nga. Hahaha!

    Basag trip ang ending nung entry. Walang matinong magagawa ang lovelife. Pweh! Hahaha!

    1. Hahahaha... Anoberrr.. antok na ko nung ginagawa ko to eh... tsaka manhid na yata ko Sir Trips :P Char! Hahaha...

      Magkakaron yan :) may balita ko sayooooooo!!!

    2. LOL to your lovelifeS or loveliVes ba ha ha #DispicableMe :P

  3. I'm guilty of not greeting you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :(

    And so nice to know that you had a great time with Jonathan.

    I think you have a lovely August except for the love life ha ha. But the best saking kwento si tatay at ang eyebrow ha ha ha :P


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