Rain On My Upcoming Parade

Just when I thought I had everything planned out for the weekend, LandoPH arrived and will be staying until early next week as per forecast.

Aside from the work part of the day getting back into a more normal and steady state, none of the things ended as planned and I wanna go out and eat ramen, go to a bar take maybe four shots of Petrol then sip lemon and salt on the side then dance night out. In short, I wanna hashtag walwal. Not a good idea.

Let me just savor this pending staycation ahead.

Eversince, weekend had always been a busy and occupied either by a leisurely activity, chores or simply rest. Yes, there are weekends that I solely dedicate for rest like my brain has been programmed that Saturday and Sunday will be for rest eventhough it's just Wednesday.

The cancelled getaway trip for tomorrow is supposed to be my much-awaited visit to the famous Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar. I had been pushing myself to study hard on free hours in the weekdays because I will be missing those things.

I had prepared a Daytrip itinerary which I shared with a friend who was supposed to be my company for the trip and it would have been our first out of town trip together. Hayst. Deep sigh. I thought my plan of having a photographer with me had been swift, easy and free. Lol.

No midterm. No LasCasas. No HK. No walwal. Why universe?

I'm really sad and disappointed and stressed but I wanna convince myself to look at things at a positive side of it all.

Maybe the HK Trip didn't push through because I am not yet financially prepared for it.

Maybe the Las Casas trip didn't go through because I had set it as a reward for myself for completing midterms however, midterm did push through as well.

Maybe the Las Casas trip didn't go through because my real desire was to stay there overnight watch the sunset and sunrise and that's not the itinerary I prepared for.

Maybe midterm didn't push through because I am still missing a few pointers to study and I would need to look it up. 

Maybe, I just need to sit still because I'm still mourning. Getting away is not what I need. I don't know. I'm tired thinking.

Maybe, it's just not really the right time for all these things I have in mind. It will come. It will come. In God's perfect time.

Well, there's always a back-up plan that could come up.

I superduper badly need a hug right now. 

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