Shattered and Scattered

                   It’s a Monday as always, I wanted to write about things. Let me try to do so.

                  Shattered thoughts about just so many things. I don’t see any of them related to one another but in some ways, they all get to connect to me.

Homeland Series

                  The ending of Season 1 was kind of sh*t. It just ended like that.  Still, I'm hooked on to it. It was Saul. I want to have a mentor like Saul is to Carrie. It was an indirect mentoring on their part but nonetheless, the way Saul teaches Carrie and the way he cares how she grows in her career, it is just something I wish I could have. Somebody who would consider my ideas, give me pointers, let me grow, see me get disappointed, yet still know the right things to say at the end of the day, in the middle of all fucked up moments and just let me be me.

                The only weakness he has is his life of service. He willingly gave up the love of his life in exchange to his job as a CIA detective.

How To Get Away with Murder

                  I’m on Season 2. I like Wes Gibbons on this story. He struggled his way into Law School and all. He tries to do things the right way but still ending screwing things up and trying to live with that buried deep in his conscience.

On Making A Move

                  My colleagues and I had a few drinks after our last shift last week, we talked about so many stuff but most of it revolved on boys! Why? Why not, right? We're all girls yet we just have really different personality and different views on why and how to express interests on a guy. Is it okay for a girl to make a move? Up to what extent? Why wait? Why not wait? It was good conversation and a great way to get to know each other.

Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell
                  Out of the blue, I just wanted to listen to this audiobook again, as if I missed something the first time I completed it. Surely I did. Gladwell, made me realize a different definition of success. That more than talent, there’s the window of opportunity aka the circumstance, that it takes at least 10,000 hours of practice on something to be called an expert, it's practical intelligence over analytical intteligence, and for sure, there are still a lot to consider in trying to objectify and define success. I am not yet done with the audiobook. I wanted to linger of the thought of the 10k hours. I wanted to think of things that I am working on to that 10k hours.

7 Questions to Ask on What to do with My Life
                  Found it on Google while typing in “what to do with my life” once school is over, I wanted to take time and answers those questions.

Speaking of School……

                  Two more weeks and this semester is gonna be almost over! But my paperworks are not yet over and I’m pretty sure, that is something I should be trying to complete right now instead of this posting.

                  Oh well, it’s a Monday and if I don’t wanna waste my hard-earned money for tuition for this semester, I gotta start working on this much needed requirements.    
                  Bring it on Universe! 


  1. Scattered thoughts? You are doing a lot and what with all those watching and reading and studying and working and, and,and... catching..... Busy lady eh! I do like the term practical intelligence and we can never get it from school. We get it as we grow old graciously.

    1. Im restless! :'( I accomplish half-baked stuff with more focus dedicated to the series rather than those important things that really matters and it has to stop like that. I still have a couple of weeks to complete academic requirements or else Im doomed to get the F on my transcript which could affect future plans of applying acad dreams somewhere else. Hayys.. I really need to collect and fix my way of doing things.... sooonnnnn....

  2. Push lang ng push matatapos din lahat ng endeavors mo! :)

    1. I know :) Just gotta make way and use my brain for those things and priorities that really matters. Kinda hard to just keep pushing myself but at the end of the day, I only have myself to push me and pat me on the back.

      Thanks! You too! You seem to have your hands full :)

  3. I've seen How to Get Away With Murder nung umuwi ako ng Pilipinas. I liked it so much, mainly because the lead character is one badass female lawyer and the male paralegals are cute and sexy. hahaha! But i can't watch them all at the same time. I am compelled to watch Downton (will end this Christmas), and next year naka schedule ako na panooring ang lahat ng seasons ng Game of Thrones. Yes, naka schedule talaga yan. hahaha!

    The 7 Questions... interesting.... what are the questions?

    1. Well, Conner is sooooo gay and hot in the series.. Plus the techie boyfriend, Oliver. UGh. Why do I have this thing for geeks and gays.. WAAAAAA.. Hahaha..

      Speaking of GOT, I'll put them on 2016 reading list. Yes, I'll be putting a reading list for 2016. Dedicating the last few days of December for a few personal goal-setting for the following year. With a reading list on the list. Hehehe

      Just type "what to do with my life" on google address bar, then its on the first page list, i had it on bookmark, I cant pull it up just yet kasi kapag nabasa ko na naman, I wont stop thinking about it.. hahaha...


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