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Tomorrow is Tuesday, 8th of March. Mama's birthday. In the past few years, we used to celebrate it on a weekend getaway, however, this year, it will be a bit thriftier but still with a bowl of pancit and a chocolate cake. She is turning 59 years old.

Tomorrow is Tuesday, 8th of March. My first day as ESL Instructor. After 3 years, I can officially use the TESOL Certificate I had acquired while working nightshifts. It was an investment that's worth all the Monday mornings spent in a local coffee shop for six months together with the two years spent in a public school and seven years in the BPO sector.

Today is Monday. "Today is Monday. Monday, Monday what a painful day," said my dysmenorrhea.

Last Sunday had been tiring and fulfilling. Well-spent should I say. I long for those kind of days. I woke up early, packed my stuff, spent 6 hours in the classroom meeting new friends and struggling to learn a new language. The highlight of my day was my first male seatmate who said that he didn't know what animes were and that Naruto was a Japanese creation. I really had to ask if he was joking or if that was a serious statement. Then I had to ask again.

Then I had to hurry up for church for the afternoon service. I was just on time. But I looked so haggard and tired and I felt sweaty. But still, I am happy that I was able to spent my Sunday in church with my family.

I remember telling my sisters that my class will be Sundays since that was the remaining slot at that time. Bebs sent me this verse:

Matthew 6:33King James Version (KJV)
33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

My life is never perfect but I always make it a point to look into something I am grateful for-- Having a wonderful mother, a new job, a chance to learn, a church and a God, and loving siblings, and a lot more on the list. 

Apart from my dysmenorrhea, I look forward to an exciting new day in my new school. 
Hello again kids! 


  1. It's going to get busy and your life will be filled with wonders again. Congrats once more and it would be fun to be with kiddielets again. Tell me more of your stories to inspire me. Good luck to your studies as well. One by one, one step at a time. Happy for you!

    1. *yakap* Sobrang gusto kitang yakapin in real life Cher Jo! Hahaha... SYes, one by one and one step at a time. Masaya dito ko sa bago kong school :) The language barrier maybe huge but the love I get from the kids are overwhelming :) :) :) :)

    2. Cyber hug, hugs, basta, be happy always.


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