Until Then.

I can’t wait for that morning that I will wake up and it’s not you that I am longing for. That day, I will be ready to write about you.
I decided not to write about you until the day this thing is over.  As I take this risk, I carry with me the mix emotions of love, excitement and fear that one day all of these will come to end. After all, forever doesn’t exist. This will be over even before it even started. 
I live by the days you are with me and will learn to get by the days that you will be gone. Then, one day, I will start writing about you.
Funny, that I think of you leaving when having you with me is my reason for breathing and smiling every day.
It will be a beautiful story. Because you are something beautiful that happened.
Passing yet beautiful. A proof of my living mantra, that this too, shall pass.
*******Archive Notes:  November 15, 2015******** 


  1. now that you published this, does it mean...?

    whatever it is, awww...

    1. It means nothing now. It was something unfinished I wrote a long time ago.

  2. so naalala mo ba uli sya kaya mo ito pinoste? :3

    1. Good question. I think I was referring to the subject on a prev post entitled "First and Final" early July last year and then I had an encounter with that person again sometime in late 2015 that made me scribe that post pero unfinished. Sayang nga eh. Now, Im trying to remember "the feels" Maybe that way, I can write something clearer than this.

  3. It's really not ideal to begin with... *sigh*

    Anyway, I hope tuloy-tuloy na ulit ang recovery mo after the "fall". :)


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