Fiction is He.

I started reading in Wattpad out of curiosity then I was browsing further, reading stories either up until the just the prologue or the middle, or until the end.

I have this guilty pleasure of reading tagalog pocketbooks and after a lot of, in tinder terms-- “swipe left”, in a regular book content skimming process--reading the end of the story and then flipping pages, in bum state-- killing time, I was able to discover a few authors who are as good as the published Precious Hearts Romances writers whom I admired. Some of them also have published their Wattpad stories, I am just so lucky to have read some of it before being published into a book. Most often than not, they have to take down the digital version so that people are forced to just buy the print copy.

The stories I would read would usually just have the same description for the leading man- chiseled jawline, broad chest and shoulders, clean cut hair and clean-shaven face. Dominant. Alpha Male. Then, the leading as well would usually be a runaway or a damsel in distress or just simply stubborn or some girl in denial. I like the stories where the man comes after the lady no matter how many times he gets rejected. The man who knows what and who he wants. Find his ways in seducing the woman. That point of seduction that the woman can’t say no to and would just be in total surrender. Boom boom pow!

I don’t know why I like these kinds of stories. Well, hell yeah, of course, I know. In one way or another, I put myself in the shoes of the leading lady’s character. I wish to be that lady whom a guy would fall in love with. That kind of guy who would just do anything and everything to convince that he is the one. That kind of guy who would introduce you to his parents and family. That kind of guy who give surprises. That kind of guy who knows what he wants and finds his ways to get them. That kind of guy who would be ready to be in state of celibacy because he only wants you and only you.

The kind of guy who could only exist in books and pop fiction stories. And I’m the kind of lady who would still believe he exists---in Wattpad stories.


  1. One after another, all about the pouring of your heart. I guess you are ready to commit but there is no one to commit with at this time. Those stories, reminiscent of fairy tales, show how women will have to wait for the men to sweep them off their feet. Why not, do the other way, do a karate chop to make them kneel and profess their love and devotion to you, he,he,he. Kidding aside, that 'some day your prince will come' is not package as mentioned in books. Kahit na mataba o balbas sarado, basta mahal ka niya.

  2. I've tried reading one of those Wattpad stories. Muntik ko nang sundutin ang mata ko. Unbelievable. Grabe.


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