Love Yourself Cover

When we're together, this is how we usually bond.

That's Nali with the phone.
Meet Bebs, or should I say, meet Beb's feet/foot.



  1. Nice, eh di sa susunod banda na yan.

    And the foot, looks like helping you strum the guitar, he.he,he.

    More, more from Kat!

    1. We can actually form an acoustic band. No one plays the drums amongst the siblings kaya acoustic lang.. Hehehe..

      Beb is the voice coach. Before this video was perfected, she had to interrupt our takes kasi sinasabi nyang wala kami sa tono.... At the end of this, sabi nya, may sablay pa rin, kaso pagod na raw sya so she had let us finish.. Hahaha... She is also stricter than me. The two younger girls actually act more like the Ate at times than I do. Hahaha..


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