Monday is for Patience.

Today is July 25, 2016

I’ve been thinking on how I will write this one while on the train, then I can’t remember a thing anymore. -_-

I told my family that I am scheduled for a job interview today. The schedule has been set a long long time ago and today, I had my mindset prepared and all set for the said moment. However, things had changed when they said that we all had to wait for a phone call from a pre-selection committee. Should you receive a notice, that’s the only time you will need to go to the office. However, since I am confident about my credentials, deep in my heart, I really did hope to be one of those who will receive the phone call. But I never did receive any this morning. I was really sad. Super sad. I even appealed to the coordinator if I can still be included for today, I know it was a desperate call.

I texted my friend. I cried in front of my friends. I cried to my friend over the phone. Then I told my uncle I was very sad when I got home. 

But still, God is so good to not let this day end so down. He is indeed merciful. 

Today’s Realizations

1.      I’m not that patient enough. I still need to learn more about it and embrace it more.
2.      No matter how qualified I feel, I cannot just insist myself to be on the list. I have to wait for my turn.
3.      I am so blessed to be surrounded with people who understand and know the right words to say at times like this.
4.     They believe I can do it, why am I having a hard time believing myself.
5.     I’ve been rejected a lot of times, every time it happens, it still hurts.
6.      I should never lose hope and would only stop dreaming big when people around me had stopped believing in me.
7.      I thought I have overcome the idea of being on top of the list always, I still expect too much and think too high of myself. I keep forgetting that other than abilities, it’s attitude that’s important.

Today’s Quotes:

D: Everything happens for a reason. Antay ka lang.

J: Kat, don’t lose hope. Test lang to. Test of patience.

V: Antay ka lang, alam naming kaya mo yan.

G: It’s all about the timing. Nagsisimula pa lang ang laban.

J: But don’t lost hope. Give it your best.

U: Wag ka na malungkot. Nararamdaman kong matatanggap ka din. Naniniwala ako sayo.

Thank you Lord. Thank you for this Monday. Thank you for the wonderful people in my life. I don’t know what I have done to receive so much love and acceptance for who I am.


  1. Hey, things will be alright. Hope is a wonderful thing if not the best thing we have, and we just have to keep moving forward. I'm also doing job search at the moment, so you're not alone.

    1. Yep. I know it will be :)

      Thank you and God bless us both on your jobhunt!

  2. Goodvibes to you! Thanks to our friends who are indeed gifted with the right words.

    I've been to job hunting just recently so i can relate when you said "i know my credentials and i am confident but for some reasons where are the calls?" lol. Timing indeed. When it is your time, it is your time. The best is yet to come. :)

    1. *sa tamang panahon* nga naman talaga.
      Maybe Im just thinking way over above my head din kaya ko ganito ngayon.
      Lumilipas din naman :)

  3. It's never easy Cher Kat. Nakaka depress talaga yan. Isipin mo na we've been there too at hindi ka nagiisa. maraming nakakaunawa sayo. Your moment will come too.

    1. Haynaku Mr. Tripster. If you were probably here, baka sa harap mo na lang din ako umiyak habang kumakain ng isang tub ng ice cream. Hahaha..

      Salamat. Salamat :)

  4. Oo. More more patience lang yata yan. Will continue to pray for you. Hang in there. =D


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