After 3 Days.

Tonight, I arrived at the city where I live. Not yet so familiar, but getting there. Starting to be familiar.

I took a 3-day trip tom some places around Kyushu Region: Miyazaki-Fukuoka-Shimonoseki- Nagasaki-Kagoshima-Miyazaki. A trip, I am glad I took courage to have done. I surely did burn a few thousand yen but it was all worth it.

If it was the old familiar me, I probably would have been taking so many photos, uploading each one on my facebook and instagram, one after another. But on this said trip, I barely took a few tens of it. Though, I would say that on this trip, I had the most number of photos I could ever have, me as the subject on it. My friends were kind enough to take stolen and posed shots of me in the various places we had gone to.

I had always planned to go on a solo trip. Never thought it will be somewhere unfamiliar, far from my comfort zone and a place I barely know the language.

From places to people, I took home with me a better perspective on things and little bit more of courage on facing the days that will come ahead.

1. It is always good to ask. This trip made me comfortable asking for a little help, with my super broken Nihonggo and my bus tickets on hand, I was able to get answers. No one had even turned their backs on me, they would try as much as they can to help.

2. It made me miss my bed. After being away for 3 consecutive days and 2 nights, I am happy to reunite with my bed. I miss the usual dim light of my little den and the smell of my bathroom and toilet.

3. Do good, it will always come back in hundredfolds. Aura, my friend in Nagasaki, let me stay in her house overnight. She cooked our breakfast, took me on a tour around the city, and we had good conversations recollections and reconnecting. She, together with 2 other persons, stayed in my place in Manila for a couple of weeks for our teacher training back then as part of our NGO work. They asked to stay coz they can't afford to stay anywhere else. Who would have thought that of all places, this is the place where she can return the favor. She was hoping I could stay for a few days but that wasn't really the plan. I invited her and her fiance to visit Miyazaki early next year!

4. Always remember the WHYs. My conversations with colleagues in Kagoshima, made me remember why I am here. The past few days were filled with down emotions and sharing great laughs and dreams with these two other ladies took my mind of from homesickness and reminded me to be grateful. Sharing simple breakfast meals, how to economize and save on utility bills up to talking about bits and pieces of future plans.

I'll do it again. I will do it again and again.

I will ask.
I will think about what is familiar.
I will always try to do good.
I will always seek ways to remember my WHYs.


  1. I am glad you had a good trip. Going on trips usually helps our perspective. I agree...more trips and remembering the WHYs.

    1. Yep, I did! But bitin! Haha. I am working on another post about my trip :)

  2. I love reading posts like this. Just like reading a diary or a personal story of an author.

    1. Thanks. Everything in this blog is my personal stories. HAHAHAHA. I want to keep writing about things I have learned, to let go of hurt feelings and have somethingh I can look back over time.


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