Frustrated 24.05.2017

I want to write every day. And every day, I struggle where to start with what to write, since there's just so many uninteresting things happening in my life, I'd rather not write.

Coz, if I write every day: will just be all about being lonely. How I long for company, someone I can share stories with, instead of writing it down. will just be about how I am struggling to blend in where I am at. How frustrating it can be to talk to someone and even ask for someone. will just be about my frustration why I can't speak the language. That pressure I put into myself and unrealistic expectations upon things surrounding me. will be just be about that news I've read and how valid it is. How I complain that I will not read the news anymore but I still kept reading it.

Today, I watched Beauty and the Beast again. I will never get tired of fairy tales. I hope, I really don't get tired of it and the feeling it brings. The faith, the hope, the romance and the music that comes with it. It is just so beautiful.

I wonder how my own fairy tale will be....

365 QOTD
Did you use your time wisely today?

I think so.
Hmmm.. I bought that guitar. A secondhand Yamaha C 60A model. I had already played two cover songs ;)

I did the laundry and ironed the clothes.

Also, the grocery.

Capped the day by going to the onsen with my dear Tita G.