At home, I would always find you in front of your sewing machine, inside your mini sari-sari store, squatting down doing the laundry, or busy in the kitchen. Never an idle time except for the designated time for siesta or bedtime.

I can still remember that day after the surgery. From the recovery room, they put me back to my patient bed, all weak and dizzy. You were there. I was motionless, I couldn't open my mouth, I couldn't utter a word, I just could't move at all. Your fingers move to brush my hair and to touch my cheeks. Tears started falling down from my eyes and you wiped then away. I cried because I wanted to say "Thank You" but I couldn't. Even until now, even if I say the words "Thank You and I love you" it will never be enough to let you know how grateful I am for having you as my Mother.

I can still remember that moment back when I was a child, I was asking for something but you were not able to give it to me, so I said, "Ang sama mo!" and then, you asked me, "Masama ba talaga kong ina?"

If only I can go back to that time and take back everything I had said and all the pain I had caused you, I would definitely do so. I regretted that day and all the days and actions I had caused you pain. Nothing I do today will ever suffice for all the sacrifices you've done in the past for me and my siblings.

Two thousand miles away from you every day is torture. I can't hug you. I can't kiss you. I can't sleep beside you. All I can say is "Labyu.Labyu." That will never be enough. No words can ever be enough.

But I want you to know that whatever good of a person I am today, I owe a piece of it to you. To you and to Papa. How blessed I am for having such Godly parents.

Blessed. What a wonderful word to describe myself.

Blessed because I have such an amazing Mom just like you.
Blessing, what a wonderful adjective to use for you, Mama.
You are a Blessing.
With you as my Mom, every day is a Blessed Day.
Happy Mother's Day Mama!