Gaijin Girls of Miyazaki

My friends and I went to the beach today.  It was our first sort of out-of-town trip too.

I remember a few months back as I was battling homesickness and loneliness, I thought that I am not really in need of a boyfriend. What I needed, to cope up with my depression, was a girl friend. Someone I can talk about make ups, dressing up, giggling about boys and other girly stuff.

Then, on my Nihonggo class, I met T, D, L and C. Instantly, I had 4 new girlfriends! But C had to fly back to China and live there for the next few months. We had no communication with her anymore.
I was looking onto our photos today and I just realize how different our personalities are but we get along well.

We were bonded by a foreign language we are all struggling to learn and master. The struggle is real but what's good about it, is the extended patience and understanding each and everyone gives to one another. 

So, yes, I prayed for a girlfriend, God gave me three to take care of and let bloom. 

PS: Lord, for a lifetime partner, I really, really need one. For sure, having one will be a challenge in itself. I look forward for a friend-turned-bestfriend-turned-boyfriend-turned-husband, I pray only for one. The waiting continues. 


Saturday was a good break from the normal, calm and lonely Saturday evenings.

After work, Ms. E and I walked our way to the city downtown because of this year's big event in the city: EREKOCHA FESTIVAL.

I haven't done any research about the it but it seems like that every city has it's own celebrated events with streetdancing, colorful parades and food carts everywhere, others even have fireworks. The city's main road is closed for the whole afternoon until around 10pm in the evening.

It's the first time I had seen the city full of people!

I had also seen Taiko-- the traditional Japanese drumming style. It's a rhythm that is very easy to listen to and when exposed to for a long time, it can be quite relaxing.

I met with Ayumi-chan's family and they invited me for dinner at an izakaya near their house. Much as I wanted to stay a little longer, I had to go home coz I got booked classes for the night. Which is convenient and also a little sad coz I was really getting cozy hanging out with this family. Convenient because I don't get to feel alone on a Saturday night and a little bit sad coz I had to go home and work.

After work, I decided to go out again and grab a glass of beer at my one and only hangout bar. Past 12 midnight, it is still surprisingly full of people, three of whom are familiar to me. So, I got to say Hi and got a few hugs also. Also, the 2 Swiss guys I met a couple weekends ago, were also there! So, we got to exchange Hi's and I got to introduced Matthias to the people I know at the bar. Marco was very busy playing billiards. My girl friends left and I was alone with the guys. Matthias was kind enough to sit and chat with me. They were bouncing to another bar and they asked if I wanna come, but I just ordered a glass of beer, so I said, I am not sure... He said, I can follow them there. I said, I'd probably go home after that glass of beer and so I'll just see them around hopefully before they leave town to go back to Switzerland.

Then, I went home. In a lighter note this time. Hit the shower. Sleep.

Sunday morning came with the usual video call from fambam back home. My two cousins slept over at house and so, the conversations were louder than normal and for the first time, Papa didn't ask what I will do today, but I still told them anyway.

My life is simple, filled with a loving family, good friends and kind strangers. I am grateful.
I am celebrating my own festival of connectedness.

What is one thing that you take with you everywhere?

365 QOTD

What is one thing that you take with you everywhere?

My wallet. My yellow gold color synthetic wallet.
It has my residence card that I should have with me all the time. My passport, my cash card and house keycard.

How did you make a difference in the world today?

365 QOTD

How did you make a difference in the world today?


Well, this one is not today, but can I make it count?

a.   I'm not really sure if the little amount of money I send to my friend to support Lumad kids in the southern part of the Philippines is really making any difference. But still, I hope it does. For one, my friend keeps organizing outreach programs for the kids and other activities so they can learn and be entertained.

I hope it does.

Now, this one.....

b.  Earlier this morning, I sort of made a rant post about a vice mayor of the city where I used to teach on one of the biggest school in the PH, because she didn't cancel the classes eventhough its very obvious that it has been raining very hard and most areas in the Metro Manila are flooded.

The post got shared 21 times. That is already a record for me coz I really don't post a lot. I tried to be calm when I was writing that letter just so it will appear offensive nor foul against anybody. I just really wanted her to understand my point of view.

So, this is the post:

It is good that you have considered the extent of reading progress and capacity of our dear students.
You have also mentioned that DISASTER RISK REDUCTION is the priority of the local government you are under.
Have you ever realized that RISKING A DAY of CLASS SUSPENSION might save LIVES?
Reading isn't something just sharpened in school. It is practiced even outside school. Moreso, in their own homes.
Good that you expected that you will bashed for making such decision. Also, just to be clear, YOU DIDN'T RISK YOUR CAREER, YOU RISKED THE LIVES OF EVERY CHILD WHO WILL GO TO SCHOOL BECAUSE YOU SAID SO.
A day of suspension is worth lives, not just abilities.
You could have given yourself that good night sleep you felt you deserve and you could have given those parents chances to bond with their children and the teachers some time to rest and everybody a chance to look after their own safety.

Actually, I am not sure if this is kindness but I think, it, getting shared a few times, means there are a few people who share the same sentiment and I became the words for their own rant. LOL.

I can only hope and pray that any kindness and good things I wish for myself and others can make a difference to this world. I can only hope for it.......

Who did you eat dinner with?

365 QOTD

Who did you eat dinner with?

Tonight, I ate dinner with Ayumi-chan.

After shopping with her mom, I offered to "babysit" her. She and her husband needs to practice for an upcoming dance competition. With the recent death of her mother-in-law, there was no one to look after Ayumi-chan, while they were away in business or competition.

Good thing I still have some food left on the fridge. While watching TV, I gave her ice cream topped with coffee jelly then a glass of milk. Then, I continued to iron work clothes while waiting for the rice to cook. I asked if she is okay with fish and so, we had fried fish and rice for dinner. Last stop was onsen.

The highlight of the night came when on our way home from onsen. She asked who I eat meals every day. I said, I always eat alone coz I live alone and that tonight was different and fun coz she was there. She said that she also had fun staying at my house.

It was a good change from the usual dinners I have. It was very simple yet sweet. We could have opted to go to a nearby restaurant but when I asked her if she wants to eat whatever I have in the fridge, that had made all the difference. It was nice evening.

For the meantime, on regular days, I'll stick with the solo flight meals.

5 iN 5

I signed up to this cool 5-in-5 by itchifingers whom I had linked with through Tomoko who I had found through  Cher Jo. 

The mechanics is very simple......  choose a place where you can take photos and take pictures as many as you can in 5 minutes then choose the best 5 shots you got and share it to the world. It has to be posted on or before the 25th of the month.

So, this month is my first time to participate and I decided to let you have a sneak peak of what's inside my little space........

Shots taken by an Asus Zenfone First Generation.

THE WALL. I put hearts so I won't forget LOVE. 
TABLE STAPLE. I like fancy pens with fine print. And Yes, with Hello Kitty, too! 
THE BELT. The one and only I got. Unless otherwise the dress or skirt I buy has a belt in the set. 

THE LIGHT. I rarely had it open actually. Just when I have online classes and I need to use the videocam.

THIS IS ME. No matter how I try to organize and tie and limit myself, I am still a little bit chaotic inside and outside. Please bear with me. 

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What is stopping you?

365 QOTD

What is stopping you?

Hmmm.. Good question.

From dreaming?
Nothing. That one is for free.

From working on dreams?
The fear of the unknown.
Sometimes, being rejected for a number of times, makes me re-consider my options. The pain of rejections is just something very difficult to handle and to forget. It takes a lot of effort to pursue a dream knowing that the chances of rejection is very high. But rather I'd rather try then get hurt or rejected than having that regretful feeling.

From buying that sneakers?
I don't have money. Or let's just have I have other priorities and I still have functionally, wearable sneakers.

From waking up early?
I sleep late and I am lazy. I know... Gotta pick up my butt and remind myself of my unfathomable dreams.

From praying for the ONE?
I don't have someone to call my own as of now. The search goes on until I can finally say I am home. No matter what happens, I still pray that one day, after all my small attempts of trying this world to be a better place, I will go home to someone I can call my own.

How busy was your day today?

365 QOTD

How busy was your day today?

Hmmm.. Work-wise, it wasn't so busy. I tried to busy myself with revamping the plan for the Aug. 19th's Read Aloud Event.

I am thinking of a total revamp from the original plan and additional craft activities for the day. It had been awhile since I had prepared for a storytelling activity. And it's one of my favorite parts of teaching! Overacting is never overrated. Of course, I also love conducting science experiments and collaborative learning.

I also did some paperwork for my online banking request from my local bank in PH. I had sent them a very lengthy e-mail 2 days ago and I had just received their response and instructions to proceed with the request. Hopefully, this gets done while I still here so this is one of my to-do list when I get to for holiday on January. I don't wanna spend my first week of 2018 chasing offices for my documents, transactions and licenses. My biggest regret really was that I didn't renew my driver's license before I left. That would have been a major dealbreaker with my stay here. But, of course, there is always a time for everything. It will all just fall into its proper places.

What I looked forward to was the dinner with my Japanese friends! I've met them through the English Cafe I use to attend on Wednesdays if I have time. But tonight, I had to meet them after work hours. We went to this little yakitori place downtown. The place was a typical small-scale shop where people sit in bar stools and the cook/shopkeeper cooks the food in front of the patrons.

I like being around them coz they are fun and light-hearted. They are also very generous with information about Japanese lifestyles and trivias. So, I get to learn a lot while enjoying their company.

Ended the day with watching the latest GOT Season 7 episode. The opening scene was a total badass one. So, bring all those spoilers on!

Adulting is Hard

365 QOTD
Did you act your age today?

For most part, I think, I did.

I woke up early and cooked a decent breakfast. Went to the last day of the Japanese class. Just too bad that I wasn't able to attend the Graduation Ceremony (frown)

Still, it was some sort of accomplishment. Plus, I really learned a lot from it. It is now a matter of courage of applying it to my daily conversations.

I tried to prepare something more interactive and interesting for each class that I had today. Time flew so fast (happy)

I think I flunk of the money management thing as always. I forgot to withdraw funds for our gift for our Sensei. Then, when I already had the money, I implusively bought something at Daiso--- a cute bento box, a lunch box cloth and garters. Haayst.
I also forgot to pay my Leonet service. I was actually afraid that they might have disconnected my service as of today. So far, it is still working. (omg) Internet is Life. Please spare me your mercy.

Contemplating about my current financial situation took most of my concentration while eating ice cream on lunch break. I really am an impulsive buyer, that's why I need to make sure that I get to secure my savings for long term accumulation of assets. I grew up having not so much and almost begging for whatever others can give, I don't wanna go back to those moments and I want my parents to enjoy their adulthood too. So, now, how to I prevent myself from buying things I don't really need? ----- I need to keep the funds where I will have second thoughts getting into.

Hayst, Adulting is hard.
Why was I chosen to be one?

Nothing Extraordinary Today.

Today is definitely one for the books! Not because extraordinary things happened but just because it was an ordinary day with ordinary events but extraordinary experience and reflections for me.

I am still not successful in getting up from bed early, though I woke up as early as 7am. I stayed in bed until 9am since I don't go to the conversation classes anymore, I made a quick morning trip to the library to study(?) , more of like trying to practice writing a few kanji characters, then didn't prepare to go out until 11am to meet my friends.

I had always wanted to visit the museums around and so today, we agreed to visit the Miyazaki Science Center.

A modern science museum designed for kids and wannabe kids, there are really a lot of learning points inside. Most of the exhibitions had English translations and can be understood. My favorite is the exhibition of the different sources of renewable energy!

After that, I had time for my favorite chore: the laundry.

Then, I asked Mr. Y and Ms. Y if they will go to the English Cafe, coz if they will, I might as well go and have a catch up with them. It had became an interesting night coz apart from catching up with Mr. Y, I have met a young lad who has so much passion for computer programming.

Mr. Y said that if I am free, I can come to Jenga night.

Tita G said that we might go to onsen that night and so I said that I will just be at downtown and she can pick me up from there. But she cancelled and so I had the chance to come to Jenga Night!

At first, I wasn't sure if coming to Jenga was a good decision because it was roundtable discussion for Japanese people. It was their chance to speak about certain topics without hesitation about the topic. I felt that I had gone a bit overboard about expressing my thoughts and opinions at some point. I forgot that I am not fluent in Japanese at all! The conversation flowed to a more lighter topics of travelling and hitchhiking until it was time to call it a night.

I felt relieved that the host said, "Please come again." Next time, I will be more careful with expressions and sharing of ideas. Also, I will try to speak more Japanese eventhough it is full of mistakes. I will be more sensitive about my opinions and make sure that I try to keep my questions within the topic.

I'd rather practice my Japanese in conversations like this than in a bar.

I learned so much today, reconnected with friends and met amazing people too.

Today, was definitely a good day.


365 QOTD
Who inspires you?

I am inspired by so many people:
1. My family, I always want to be able to provide for my family.
2. friends who work for the government, for it is very hard to keep an upright moral while working for the government
3. people who always wanted to make the world a better place.


Act Like One

To all teachers who claim to be real teachers but not really acting like real ones:

It's not how much knowledge you can impart to your students.

It's all about helping them build their confidence that they can learn and do anything they want in life.

When they come to you to learn, it's not all about you and how much you know.

It's all about them and their potentials.

So, don't ask if they understand,
but ask: What have you understood?

Back Online

I decided to go back to my online teaching job!

Woohoo! Crazy as it may seem, it is something that can keep me occupied and busy and probably build connections with over time.

With a pay a little more than 400 yen per hour, I think this is a good way to keep myself busy and entertained and avoid thinking too much. Plus, I get to have little savings in my peso bank account seriously untouched until I am back home for holiday.

An hour a day, 7 days a week, with almost 5 months to go, I think I would have decent money for daily coffee at Starbucks for a 2-week vacation. Naah.. Probably would do a Mystery Manila Challenge with my sibs.

Can't wait for holiday! 5 months to go!

Ooh life, Ooh day.

I am thinking of skipping tonight's nikki entry but here I go, thumbing away.

The days have been unfriendly because of this massive headache I keep experiencing. It could be because of the weather, the time of the month or just being frustrated with making attempts to make some financial transactions. Add to that the thunderstorm and thunders and heavy rains. I survived. I survived but can't really say, "keep bringin 'em on." I need time to reenergize.

10 kanjis every morning. That's my personal challenge which started last Thursday.

My Kobo e-reader has arrived and I have loaded it with some books I look forward to reading.

Ooh life. Ooh day.
No matter how shitty a day can be, it's a beautiful life if spent with the right people.

365 QOTD
A funny thing happened on the way to _____________.

...... on the way to the pantry. Ms. E squeezed on cheel of my butt and I screamed so loud.

Never had luck

I had my Saturday night planned to be as usual solo-binge-watching then reading a few blogs I follow then writing this nikki entry.

But the universe had another plan. On my way home, Tita G texted me and said that she prepared Pork Stew for dinner and that she is bringing it to my place so we can have dinner.

We had dinner picnic style and then, she asked if I can mix Kiwi Sour, so Kiwi Sour it was!

Dinner came and dinner finished. It's time to be alone again.

My life is quite unorganized. I used to have a routine, but now it is quite a mess. A good source of distraction but still my system longs for that routinary order of living.

Ms. E jokingly told me that she wrote on the tanzaku that I get to have a lovelife so my life won't be boring. Lol. I thought she was joking but she pointed me the tanzaku and she did write what she said. Bwahaha.

I appreciate the urgency that people around me has been putting on me but I've long given up on the idea. Maktub. Whatever is written, it is written.

For now, Im going to bed in my favorite undies, a little  tipsy and a just a little bit of every thing else.

Good night world, we will conquer tomorrow.

365 QOTD
Have you played the lottery?
Nope. No luck on it. Never had luck on gambling.

DUROG days ahead.

I skipped breakfast today. Unusual. I just had coffee latte before going to Japanese class and a sandwich for lunch.

Tita G and I went shopping after lunch til 3pm. It was my first time to visit that GU Branch in Miyazaki City. Since I am not really a fashion addict, I usually just go shopping during SALE days. I got myself a pair of pants, a statement shirt, a blouse for work and a white blouse for my wannabe pabebe days ahead. Counter payment is automated. Just put everything in a basket, put the basket inside a small cabinet underneath the cashier's booth and then, on the screen in front of you, all the purchases will appear with the total amount, then on the left side, there is a slot where you put money for payment. Then, take the basket out, go to another table nearby and put the stuff in a plastic bag then all done. 

After that, I went home and passed by the Lawson store near my home coz I saw my friend's car, so I thought he is on duty and I just wanna drop by and say Hi. But he wasn't at the counter. So, I didn't get to say Hi.

Though it's a little late, I did the laundry and cleaned the kitchen and the toilet. Decluttered. Decluttered. Still, there is clutter.

I got caught up with How To Get Away with Murder Season 3 and it's becoming more unpredictable and more violent for me. 

Also, this is one of those days I wish I have a Japanese boyfriend! I am having a hard time making bank transactions and applying for a debit card. I just need  debit card. Not a credit card. As per online forums, one can get a debit card via Rakuten Bank just by applying online. Well, the application is in Japanese! Luckily, a new friend offered to help me out with it to do the translation and step by step process however, since I am not really comfortable of giving other inconvenience, as much as possible, I tried to figure out most of it but ended up reaching out. Still, I tried doing it my way of screencaptures and translations by Google Translate and so I ended up with a very bad headache again. 

My Kobo e-reader is on it's way! I am so looking forward to filling it up with books I can never really read. LOL.

I am ending this day on a happy note coz my favorite blogger is back online! Cher Jo of Metaphorically Speaking is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Back to work tomorrow with lots of campaign activities on the side, which means, DUROG days ahead. 

365 QOTD 
Who did you text today?
No one. I actually miss having a textmate. 

Monthly Suffering

Headache, body ache and how I long to submerge myself in a tub full of warm water but I can coz it's red alert day.
Where is justice? Where is peace?

Tried opening my very first email address and it is still working with more than 10k emails on it. Took me a couple of hours to clean up the inbox. Woohoo. How nice to see a clean inbox and reading old emails to my father and my cousin. I was such a jejemon. Earth, eat me alive.

Almost halfway ready with the materials for a big activity on the 17th. I can't wait for that day to be over. I swore that I won't eat pancakes until that day is over.

To commemorate the Tanabata Story, as a Japanese custom, I asked one of my students to translate my wish to Japanese and write it also in a tanzaku. 

My wish is: That I may always have wisdom in every decision I make. 

I signed it with my name written in Katakana and hung it at the bamboo tree outside our office.

My digital weighing scale is giving me a reading that is 3 kilograms lighter than what I know of my current weight. F&^* you weighing scale! So, even things lie, not just humans. Whatever happened to honesty?! 

I keep buying stuff that I think I would use for studying but I never really sit down and study, instead I keep scrolling in social media. Whatever happened to priorities and responsible adulthood? 

On my last class, the last question for the student was, What is the happiest moment in your life?
She answered that it was the day her son was born. Then, on the Shima no Sensei Jdrama series I am watching, in episode 4, the protagonist also mentioned that the happiest moment of her life was when she gave birth to her daughter in the series. Both are reminders that one of the most significant life in a woman is to become a mother. My biological clock maybe ticking but if ever, will I ever be a good mother?

And I am asking myself about that while I am still suffering with dysmenorrhea and headache.

I tried popping 2 tabs of those OTC meds they have here in Japan, but it didn't have any effect at all.
Then, I remembered that my anti-inflammatory prescription back in PH was already Meloxicam 15mg.

Thank goodness tomorrow is rest day.

365 QOTD
What movie are you looking forward to?

Foreigner. The one with Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan on it. 

Tuesday Complaint List

1. It's the time of the month. The sudden gush. Ugh.
2. I bought another 100 board lot stocks for a renewable energy company. That was suppose to be for a t-shirt at Uniqlo!
3. It's raining. But why is it still hot in Miyazaki?!
4. I want root beer. Why is there no rootbeer anywhere at the grocery? Rootbeer with vanilla ice cream on top. Yes, in my imagination, it must be heaven.
5. Body pains. Can I just stay in bed all day? Or where can I get affordable massage here? Why is everything so expensive?!
6. Based on a certain survey, my annual salary here in Japan is still below minimum. Why did I even move here? LOL. Oopps. Lemme double check if this is really supposed to be in this list.
7. I think I slept around 4am. So, please dont mess with me, I know Kung Fu.

It's just 12:45 PM, so the rest are to follow. LOL.

No Such Perfect Day

Today started with a Sunday-before-going-to-church video call from home, with Papa asking what will be my itinerary for the day.

Though my sibs were already aware of my would-be whereabouts, they didn't tell Papa until he asked me about it. As always, he wanted me to find a good church where I can do fellowship with and learn the language.

The day started smoothly. Breakfast was cereal, to which Mama was not happy about. Then a pro-longed video chat until we all realized that its time for them to leave for church and for me to pack up my stuff for the day. But before that, I also had a conversation with Mr. L whom I met coz he started reading my blog. We were supposed to have a video chat a few weeks ago, I think, however, there seem to had been a lack of understanding how technology works. LOL. But, all good. I guess, this time, we had started at the right foot.

In a hurry, I just stuffed my bag with things I thought I would need, like extra shirts and a pair of slippers, sunblock lotion, powerbank, and a book. Then, I went to see my kind friends who invited me to go to Aoshima. They are sibs-- a boy and a girl- Mr. Y and Ms. C. Though I speak very poor Nihonggo and she struggles with her English, Ms. C and I seem to get along pretty well. She is very accommodating and hospitable. She makes sure that I feel comfortable with them, asking about things that may interest me and makes sure that I have fun. Same with her brother, Mr. Y. He has been very helpful for me and Ms. C get connected. He translates both ways and encourages both me and Ms. C to speak both languages vice versa.

I am very grateful that I bumped into them last Sunday and I do look forward to spending more fun days with them coz I get to learn a lot and also share a lot of whatever I know in terms of language exchange. They also remind me that life is good coz we have wonderful siblings-- whom we have fights, misunderstandings, arguments and share more good things than the bad things.

I also got to meet, their friend, Natsumi--she helped me fill out my form at the bouldering gym and I think she also took pictures of us while we were having fun at the wall climbing activity earlier ;)

We had lunch at Bondi Cafe, then they did business for another hour and then we headed to the bouldering camp for another couple of hours of challenge and cheers.

When I arrived at my place, I just removed my bag, took off my shirt and rolled on the floor then fell asleep. When I woke up, I remember that I have to go to the post office to pick up an item and then go to the library to return some books. Then, headed to the grocery for the week's supply.

I planned to prep food for the week however I noticed that I still have food in the fridge that needs to be consumed first so as not to be wasted. I ought to stick to my budget if I want to not feel guilty about spending on Sundays. If I keep myself from buying cooked meals on work days, I get to have enough money to spend for the weekend without feeling guilty that I had to touch my emergency funds.

Then, the not-so good news came while having dinner. Nanay Inday passed away today. She has been battling diabetes along with its complications, had been in and out of the hospital and under severe medication since early last year. It was a struggle to see. I grew up knowing that she was really a grandmother to me, to all of us. Though not related by blood, we had shared many good memories with her and her family.

I guess, a day can't really be describe as perfect if its just filled with happy stories. There is no such perfect day.

But today was one GOOD day with so many things to be grateful for-- the gift of friends, family, life and surprises.

365 QOTD
Who was the last person you saw today?

The last person I saw today was my sister, Bebz. She made a quick video call to say good night.