5 iN 5

I signed up to this cool 5-in-5 by itchifingers whom I had linked with through Tomoko who I had found through  Cher Jo. 

The mechanics is very simple......  choose a place where you can take photos and take pictures as many as you can in 5 minutes then choose the best 5 shots you got and share it to the world. It has to be posted on or before the 25th of the month.

So, this month is my first time to participate and I decided to let you have a sneak peak of what's inside my little space........

Shots taken by an Asus Zenfone First Generation.

THE WALL. I put hearts so I won't forget LOVE. 
TABLE STAPLE. I like fancy pens with fine print. And Yes, with Hello Kitty, too! 
THE BELT. The one and only I got. Unless otherwise the dress or skirt I buy has a belt in the set. 

THE LIGHT. I rarely had it open actually. Just when I have online classes and I need to use the videocam.

THIS IS ME. No matter how I try to organize and tie and limit myself, I am still a little bit chaotic inside and outside. Please bear with me. 

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