DUROG days ahead.

I skipped breakfast today. Unusual. I just had coffee latte before going to Japanese class and a sandwich for lunch.

Tita G and I went shopping after lunch til 3pm. It was my first time to visit that GU Branch in Miyazaki City. Since I am not really a fashion addict, I usually just go shopping during SALE days. I got myself a pair of pants, a statement shirt, a blouse for work and a white blouse for my wannabe pabebe days ahead. Counter payment is automated. Just put everything in a basket, put the basket inside a small cabinet underneath the cashier's booth and then, on the screen in front of you, all the purchases will appear with the total amount, then on the left side, there is a slot where you put money for payment. Then, take the basket out, go to another table nearby and put the stuff in a plastic bag then all done. 

After that, I went home and passed by the Lawson store near my home coz I saw my friend's car, so I thought he is on duty and I just wanna drop by and say Hi. But he wasn't at the counter. So, I didn't get to say Hi.

Though it's a little late, I did the laundry and cleaned the kitchen and the toilet. Decluttered. Decluttered. Still, there is clutter.

I got caught up with How To Get Away with Murder Season 3 and it's becoming more unpredictable and more violent for me. 

Also, this is one of those days I wish I have a Japanese boyfriend! I am having a hard time making bank transactions and applying for a debit card. I just need  debit card. Not a credit card. As per online forums, one can get a debit card via Rakuten Bank just by applying online. Well, the application is in Japanese! Luckily, a new friend offered to help me out with it to do the translation and step by step process however, since I am not really comfortable of giving other inconvenience, as much as possible, I tried to figure out most of it but ended up reaching out. Still, I tried doing it my way of screencaptures and translations by Google Translate and so I ended up with a very bad headache again. 

My Kobo e-reader is on it's way! I am so looking forward to filling it up with books I can never really read. LOL.

I am ending this day on a happy note coz my favorite blogger is back online! Cher Jo of Metaphorically Speaking is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Back to work tomorrow with lots of campaign activities on the side, which means, DUROG days ahead. 

365 QOTD 
Who did you text today?
No one. I actually miss having a textmate. 


  1. Thank you for the free advertisement, will back read your travels in Japan.

    I have been for years but still cannot read Thai so I do ask for friends' help then treat them for something, it works all the time. I can actually feel your woes being new in a different country and all its perks and strangeness.

    I like the check out counter and it just shows how honesty is valued. And to buy new things for yourself, a welcome treat though.

    I do not understand campaign activities, lalaban sa eleksyon? But whatever it is, good luck my good friend. Miss you!

  2. Big flood was hitting Kyushu yesterday. Hope it was safe in your place.


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