Saturday was a good break from the normal, calm and lonely Saturday evenings.

After work, Ms. E and I walked our way to the city downtown because of this year's big event in the city: EREKOCHA FESTIVAL.

I haven't done any research about the it but it seems like that every city has it's own celebrated events with streetdancing, colorful parades and food carts everywhere, others even have fireworks. The city's main road is closed for the whole afternoon until around 10pm in the evening.

It's the first time I had seen the city full of people!

I had also seen Taiko-- the traditional Japanese drumming style. It's a rhythm that is very easy to listen to and when exposed to for a long time, it can be quite relaxing.

I met with Ayumi-chan's family and they invited me for dinner at an izakaya near their house. Much as I wanted to stay a little longer, I had to go home coz I got booked classes for the night. Which is convenient and also a little sad coz I was really getting cozy hanging out with this family. Convenient because I don't get to feel alone on a Saturday night and a little bit sad coz I had to go home and work.

After work, I decided to go out again and grab a glass of beer at my one and only hangout bar. Past 12 midnight, it is still surprisingly full of people, three of whom are familiar to me. So, I got to say Hi and got a few hugs also. Also, the 2 Swiss guys I met a couple weekends ago, were also there! So, we got to exchange Hi's and I got to introduced Matthias to the people I know at the bar. Marco was very busy playing billiards. My girl friends left and I was alone with the guys. Matthias was kind enough to sit and chat with me. They were bouncing to another bar and they asked if I wanna come, but I just ordered a glass of beer, so I said, I am not sure... He said, I can follow them there. I said, I'd probably go home after that glass of beer and so I'll just see them around hopefully before they leave town to go back to Switzerland.

Then, I went home. In a lighter note this time. Hit the shower. Sleep.

Sunday morning came with the usual video call from fambam back home. My two cousins slept over at house and so, the conversations were louder than normal and for the first time, Papa didn't ask what I will do today, but I still told them anyway.

My life is simple, filled with a loving family, good friends and kind strangers. I am grateful.
I am celebrating my own festival of connectedness.