Gaijin Girls of Miyazaki

My friends and I went to the beach today.  It was our first sort of out-of-town trip too.

I remember a few months back as I was battling homesickness and loneliness, I thought that I am not really in need of a boyfriend. What I needed, to cope up with my depression, was a girl friend. Someone I can talk about make ups, dressing up, giggling about boys and other girly stuff.

Then, on my Nihonggo class, I met T, D, L and C. Instantly, I had 4 new girlfriends! But C had to fly back to China and live there for the next few months. We had no communication with her anymore.
I was looking onto our photos today and I just realize how different our personalities are but we get along well.

We were bonded by a foreign language we are all struggling to learn and master. The struggle is real but what's good about it, is the extended patience and understanding each and everyone gives to one another. 

So, yes, I prayed for a girlfriend, God gave me three to take care of and let bloom. 

PS: Lord, for a lifetime partner, I really, really need one. For sure, having one will be a challenge in itself. I look forward for a friend-turned-bestfriend-turned-boyfriend-turned-husband, I pray only for one. The waiting continues.