How busy was your day today?

365 QOTD

How busy was your day today?

Hmmm.. Work-wise, it wasn't so busy. I tried to busy myself with revamping the plan for the Aug. 19th's Read Aloud Event.

I am thinking of a total revamp from the original plan and additional craft activities for the day. It had been awhile since I had prepared for a storytelling activity. And it's one of my favorite parts of teaching! Overacting is never overrated. Of course, I also love conducting science experiments and collaborative learning.

I also did some paperwork for my online banking request from my local bank in PH. I had sent them a very lengthy e-mail 2 days ago and I had just received their response and instructions to proceed with the request. Hopefully, this gets done while I still here so this is one of my to-do list when I get to for holiday on January. I don't wanna spend my first week of 2018 chasing offices for my documents, transactions and licenses. My biggest regret really was that I didn't renew my driver's license before I left. That would have been a major dealbreaker with my stay here. But, of course, there is always a time for everything. It will all just fall into its proper places.

What I looked forward to was the dinner with my Japanese friends! I've met them through the English Cafe I use to attend on Wednesdays if I have time. But tonight, I had to meet them after work hours. We went to this little yakitori place downtown. The place was a typical small-scale shop where people sit in bar stools and the cook/shopkeeper cooks the food in front of the patrons.

I like being around them coz they are fun and light-hearted. They are also very generous with information about Japanese lifestyles and trivias. So, I get to learn a lot while enjoying their company.

Ended the day with watching the latest GOT Season 7 episode. The opening scene was a total badass one. So, bring all those spoilers on!