Never had luck

I had my Saturday night planned to be as usual solo-binge-watching then reading a few blogs I follow then writing this nikki entry.

But the universe had another plan. On my way home, Tita G texted me and said that she prepared Pork Stew for dinner and that she is bringing it to my place so we can have dinner.

We had dinner picnic style and then, she asked if I can mix Kiwi Sour, so Kiwi Sour it was!

Dinner came and dinner finished. It's time to be alone again.

My life is quite unorganized. I used to have a routine, but now it is quite a mess. A good source of distraction but still my system longs for that routinary order of living.

Ms. E jokingly told me that she wrote on the tanzaku that I get to have a lovelife so my life won't be boring. Lol. I thought she was joking but she pointed me the tanzaku and she did write what she said. Bwahaha.

I appreciate the urgency that people around me has been putting on me but I've long given up on the idea. Maktub. Whatever is written, it is written.

For now, Im going to bed in my favorite undies, a little  tipsy and a just a little bit of every thing else.

Good night world, we will conquer tomorrow.

365 QOTD
Have you played the lottery?
Nope. No luck on it. Never had luck on gambling.