No Such Perfect Day

Today started with a Sunday-before-going-to-church video call from home, with Papa asking what will be my itinerary for the day.

Though my sibs were already aware of my would-be whereabouts, they didn't tell Papa until he asked me about it. As always, he wanted me to find a good church where I can do fellowship with and learn the language.

The day started smoothly. Breakfast was cereal, to which Mama was not happy about. Then a pro-longed video chat until we all realized that its time for them to leave for church and for me to pack up my stuff for the day. But before that, I also had a conversation with Mr. L whom I met coz he started reading my blog. We were supposed to have a video chat a few weeks ago, I think, however, there seem to had been a lack of understanding how technology works. LOL. But, all good. I guess, this time, we had started at the right foot.

In a hurry, I just stuffed my bag with things I thought I would need, like extra shirts and a pair of slippers, sunblock lotion, powerbank, and a book. Then, I went to see my kind friends who invited me to go to Aoshima. They are sibs-- a boy and a girl- Mr. Y and Ms. C. Though I speak very poor Nihonggo and she struggles with her English, Ms. C and I seem to get along pretty well. She is very accommodating and hospitable. She makes sure that I feel comfortable with them, asking about things that may interest me and makes sure that I have fun. Same with her brother, Mr. Y. He has been very helpful for me and Ms. C get connected. He translates both ways and encourages both me and Ms. C to speak both languages vice versa.

I am very grateful that I bumped into them last Sunday and I do look forward to spending more fun days with them coz I get to learn a lot and also share a lot of whatever I know in terms of language exchange. They also remind me that life is good coz we have wonderful siblings-- whom we have fights, misunderstandings, arguments and share more good things than the bad things.

I also got to meet, their friend, Natsumi--she helped me fill out my form at the bouldering gym and I think she also took pictures of us while we were having fun at the wall climbing activity earlier ;)

We had lunch at Bondi Cafe, then they did business for another hour and then we headed to the bouldering camp for another couple of hours of challenge and cheers.

When I arrived at my place, I just removed my bag, took off my shirt and rolled on the floor then fell asleep. When I woke up, I remember that I have to go to the post office to pick up an item and then go to the library to return some books. Then, headed to the grocery for the week's supply.

I planned to prep food for the week however I noticed that I still have food in the fridge that needs to be consumed first so as not to be wasted. I ought to stick to my budget if I want to not feel guilty about spending on Sundays. If I keep myself from buying cooked meals on work days, I get to have enough money to spend for the weekend without feeling guilty that I had to touch my emergency funds.

Then, the not-so good news came while having dinner. Nanay Inday passed away today. She has been battling diabetes along with its complications, had been in and out of the hospital and under severe medication since early last year. It was a struggle to see. I grew up knowing that she was really a grandmother to me, to all of us. Though not related by blood, we had shared many good memories with her and her family.

I guess, a day can't really be describe as perfect if its just filled with happy stories. There is no such perfect day.

But today was one GOOD day with so many things to be grateful for-- the gift of friends, family, life and surprises.

365 QOTD
Who was the last person you saw today?

The last person I saw today was my sister, Bebz. She made a quick video call to say good night.