Tuesday Complaint List

1. It's the time of the month. The sudden gush. Ugh.
2. I bought another 100 board lot stocks for a renewable energy company. That was suppose to be for a t-shirt at Uniqlo!
3. It's raining. But why is it still hot in Miyazaki?!
4. I want root beer. Why is there no rootbeer anywhere at the grocery? Rootbeer with vanilla ice cream on top. Yes, in my imagination, it must be heaven.
5. Body pains. Can I just stay in bed all day? Or where can I get affordable massage here? Why is everything so expensive?!
6. Based on a certain survey, my annual salary here in Japan is still below minimum. Why did I even move here? LOL. Oopps. Lemme double check if this is really supposed to be in this list.
7. I think I slept around 4am. So, please dont mess with me, I know Kung Fu.

It's just 12:45 PM, so the rest are to follow. LOL.