What is stopping you?

365 QOTD

What is stopping you?

Hmmm.. Good question.

From dreaming?
Nothing. That one is for free.

From working on dreams?
The fear of the unknown.
Sometimes, being rejected for a number of times, makes me re-consider my options. The pain of rejections is just something very difficult to handle and to forget. It takes a lot of effort to pursue a dream knowing that the chances of rejection is very high. But rather I'd rather try then get hurt or rejected than having that regretful feeling.

From buying that sneakers?
I don't have money. Or let's just have I have other priorities and I still have functionally, wearable sneakers.

From waking up early?
I sleep late and I am lazy. I know... Gotta pick up my butt and remind myself of my unfathomable dreams.

From praying for the ONE?
I don't have someone to call my own as of now. The search goes on until I can finally say I am home. No matter what happens, I still pray that one day, after all my small attempts of trying this world to be a better place, I will go home to someone I can call my own.


  1. "What is stopping you?" Madalas ko rin tanungin ito sa sarili ko, tapus minsan (o madalas) ayokong sagutin kasi ayokong malaman ulit (at sa marami nang pagkakataon) na "ako" lang din naman ang pumipigil sa sarili ko. Nakakalungkot! :) Pero tuloy pa rin ang life! :)

  2. There is always a lot of "what ifs" going on in our life. Relax and enjoy!


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