2018 Goals (Realistic and Unrealistic)

2018 Goals (Realistic and Unrealistic)

1. Tapping back my clicker happy self, video recording/editing and recording artist dreams to come alive.

2. Working on investing on those powerful gadgets, one at a time.

3. Making sure that I got A's in my grades.

4. Working on that JLPTest. This time, won't miss the deadline!

5. Keeping fit to make sure I fit on my graduation dress in 2019.

6. Extending my network to people and create meaningful connections.

7. Having more productive online investments.

8. Taking care of myself and sanity.

9. Creating more meaningful write ups.

10. Travelling for more things to write about.

11. Reading more.

12. Having deeper relationship with God.

13. Being able to save up money so my parents can visit me here.

14. Applying for that visa.

15. Making the best out of life.

Every thing is in present progressive form as I am a work in-progress.


  1. Panalo ang dulong linya :) Lahat tayo ay WIP!

    11. Reading more. - Sana maging super realistic ito sa akin ngayong taon hahaha. Sa tingin ko, nag-improved naman ako this year, lalo na yung mga huling months kaya go lang tayo sa pagbabasa :)

    Happy New Year cher Kat! :)


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