How are you expanding your mind?

365 QOTD

How are you expanding your mind?

What a question!
Hmm.. I try to LISTEN TO OTHERS MORE. I read. I talk to people whom I feel comfortable asking uncomfortable questions. I try to be always true to myself. I open up my mind to ideas but don't necessarily accept all the ideas.

I woke up with a very painful neck and upper back today. I felt like not really getting up from bed at all. I intended to just lie in bed and succumb to the pain. But of course, I got a job to do. So, I got up and did zumba even with my painful neck, hoping that a little bit of stretching could give some relief. At some point, it did. But the pain lingered even until now. I forgot to but Salonpas earlier though I was already at the drugstore. Booo..

No new Japanese word today since I didn't take time to read something. But tomorrow, definitely, I had something prepared for studying.

I signed up for a volunteer work for the 24th of December and I am just so excited to be out that day and not sulking at my home because I am all alone. I am used to celebrating Christmas at work since I started working so it wasn't really a biggie. But spending it all alone is another story I don't think I can handle. But luckily, I will have the chance to keep myself busy on the 24th and the 25th.

I am trying to write as much as I can because I know that once I start schooling again next month, I won't have much time to think about my day and my emoshits that goes with it.

I started reading Grit by Angela Duckworth and it's first chapter is all about military entrance and first few months at West Point. I can only imagine what kind of people this institution is raising. The challenges are described to make them tough and just very tough, to the point of being emotionless at all. Well, I still have to read the entire book to get a cleared picture. I just got started.

Uncle wants me to buy Cup Noodles! I'm not sure if I still have space in my luggage, but of course, I have to make space for that. LOL.

The day is over. Productive. Productive. Good job Kat. Good job.

Tomorrow, I hope to wake up in time for the Japanese class. Well, I am giving myself no choice on that matter. I have to wake up, get up and then go to the Japanese class tomorrow.


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