I realize tomorrow _________.

365 QOTD

I realize tomorrow _________.

I realize tomorrow is going to be my "today" when I wake up. 
Literally, a Monday.
Figuratively, another chance on to being humane and finding meaning in life. 

I did a bit of packing today! Upon weighing, I can just put in another 5kgs more of stuff in it. A few more packs of chocolates, sweets and little things maybe. 

I have written some postcards and I will drop them off tomorrow. Going to different places around the world. I remember writing letters to my father when he was still in Micronesia, everything felt nostalgic--the emotions, longing and love sealed in the envelope. His stay in FSM had been one of the toughest times for the family and we survived because of God's unending mercy. Since he came back, I never really had the chance to write letters anymore. I just do vidcalls, SMS and connect to people through social media. 

I went out to a coffee shop and studied and read. I thought of going to the mall, but of course, I chose to sit down and watch people in between readings and writings. 

For now, I chose to focus on grammar studies for Nihonggo and have the Wed and Fri classes as the application of whatever I learned on the book. 

The momentum is back onto the study and I can only hope and pray to keep it at that even when graduate school resumes in January 2018. A little bird told me that the next subjects are a bit easier compared to the previous ones and I do hope that it is true.