Were you positive or negative person today?

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Were you positive or negative person today?

I survived the day.

Of course, I tried to be as positive as I can be today. I visited the nearest dental clinic in the building for an emergency dental treatment because I know that there is no other way to cure the pain but by professional intervention. Knowing that we can’t handle everything on our own and that we need help, and we seek help when we need it.

Positivity is knowing that with professional dental assistance, everything will be alright. For one, the dental x-ray appeared to be normal, cavity check appeared to be minimal, and no other issues other than the pain, and medication was prescribed. Further intervention will be done once I come back from PH.

I’ve been suffering for 2 days and I googled stuff about “toothache in winter” and apparently, the cold air and weather can affect someone’s dental condition. I have been planning to take a visit to the dentist this year but have been putting if off knowing that I will have difficulty communicating and would be asking for recommendations from people I know but I also kept forgetting that until my front tooth started aching and it’s been impeding in my daily activities and since I will be here for the next few days, I know I needed to see a dentist if I want to survive

But that isn’t the highlight of my day.

I got a good advice from a 70-year old man. He said that there are a lot of good Japanese guys and that I should choose someone who will not be dominating. Someone who would respect my craziness, choices and independence. Someone who would see the good side of things and have a good way of telling which ones to improve on.

One thing I like about my online job is that I get to talk to professionals, progressive thinkers and simply cool people. It appears that knowing a second language can open up ones mind to many things and ideas that can definitely make one a more positive person. It doesn't take a culture to define the goodness in a human. It doesn't take a culture to cultivate respect and acceptance and blending in. It is just in the goodness of the heart.

May we always see the goodness beyond the faults and shortcomings.


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