What is the last place you visited online?

365 QOTD

What is the last place you visited online?

Hmm.. The website where I watch movies. Tonight I watched Coco while packing my luggage. I still need to buy a few cup noodles as per my Uncle's last minute request.

Coco was supposed to be a tearjerker but since I am not totally focused, I wasn't able to embody the feeling. I will just watch again next time.


Today, I gave a feedback to my colleague about his teaching and I am just happy to see his improvement little by little. Though there is pressure to speed up his mastery of skill, there is just no way that can happen. I know he is trying and for a man who has been through a lot and has been trying his best to keep afloat, the one thing we can give him is credits for his efforts. In a society where true appreciation is very rare, I would dig every appropriate word, pat his back and keep encouraging him to get better and better coz I know he can. Truly can.

The next few days until Saturday won't be so busy, so I will take time to write my yearend post and realizations for the year that it has been, 2017. A fast five. A ThankYou list. A list of 2018 goals as well. Just because I have a lot of time to kill.

Tomorrow is the last day for this year's Japanese class. And next year, I am pushing myself further to learn this language and hopefully, earn that paper to prove mastery.

I started reading a new book which I think I will be finishing first before I complete Cosmos.


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