What word are you using too much lately?

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What word are you using too much lately?

Hmm.. It's not really a word, but it's a phrase....
"Oh well, shit happens. Bring it on."


An eventful Friday should I say. Most of it not worth-mentioning as the pledge of respect and secrecy and moreso of a choice as those things are not really worth-looking back but the lessons picked up from will forever be relevant to the present and future decisions.

One person whom I had lost contact for more than 3 years suddenly reached out today and we started talking again. It felt surreal. It was like we just stopped talking for maybe a week ago! Him telling me he kept thinking about me but just had the chance to talk to me today, keeps me puzzled. I kept asking him why but he just keep repeating that it's because of many things. Many good things, he said.

I still remember how we ended our very short-lived mutual understanding. Sacrifices had to be made not because of our own differences but conflicts within the society where we live are so tough that compromise can't be made.

I am telling myself not to overthink the situation but just be glad that we were able to talk. But appears to me that he wasn't really planning to stay for long as he gives cues of disappearing again. Sort of notified "ghosting". He is one good guy, someone I would deeply admire for his love and respect for his mother.

He said a lot of things happened in his life for the past years and he can't just talk about it online for now. He thought I was still in Manila and would be accessible via 1-hour drive as he lives 4 cities away from me.

He said he is proud of me that I am already here. I smiled and said thank you.

I am telling myself that there isn't any deep meaning in him getting in touch again. That it is just someone who seem to have remembered me, Katherine, amidst the abundance of Katherines in the world.


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