Who do you wish had been a part of your day?

365 QOTD 
Who do you wish had been a part of your day?

Ohh.. checking out this question made me heart ache a bit and my eyes start to water.

I would have imagined a lunch trip at that tomato ramen shop, a film-viewing at his couch with lots of cuddling.

But it's all just memories now. I'll be fine. I'm getting by. I'll be okay. The day went as I had it planned anyway. 


Today, almost everything on the to-do list had been ticked off.
Except for thay quick trip at Uniqlo and Donki. I can handle it tomorrow.

I had my hair color darker, and my hair cut a few centimeters long from the shoulders.

I also took time to visit the Art Center and a few stalls and met with my friend to catch up and wish each other Merry Christmas and plans for my quick holiday back home. 

Then, Tita G picked me up coz she offered to drive me to Desaki for my last minute stationery items shopping. We also did a quick detour at a recycle shop coz I needed go find a small humidifier which I was able to get.
Of course, selfie or the day never happened.                                     
Then, I tried packing my luggage again. Haha. There's still space so tomorrow, I will go to Donki and buy those cup noodles as per uncle's request.

Then, while writing this diary entry, a quick vidcall came from family with Papa taking online piano lessons and hated to be interrupted. Haha.

So, I might not have spent the day with that someone I wish I had, but it's okay. Coz the day just reminded me of the other people in my life whom I value the most and grateful for. We can wish for many things but surely God gives us what we truly need at times we need it or them the most.

I am blessed.