How small my world could get?

How small my world could get?

So, just today, I exchanged contacts with one of my co-learner at the Nihonggo conversation classes. I really didn't feel like going today but I told myself that I have to coz I have to. Then, at the end of the class, we exchange contact infos coz I had to go back home for the delivery of my item.

Then, we started chatting until we get to the topic of November 2017 and our mishaps. Apparently, he is a close friend of the ex-boyfriend. How small can this city ever get? Hahaha.

I would like to give him the benefit of the doubt that he never really knew that I was the girl. I would like to think that we were equally surprised about this revelation. I am still affected by his presence and his influence in the people around me.

It was a very short stint but I don't know why I am still in pain whenever the trigger of him arises in conversations, memories and whatever else I can connect with him.

It's over and I am busy.

I have....

2 papers to start writing.
5 articles to analyze
1 language test to review for

1 good life to live

Back to regular programming. Shocked stage over.


  1. Mga ex nga naman. There are billions of us but there can only be one person to ruin your day or make it even more perplexing, and that is the ex. Hahaha! Good to know na naka move na at back to regular programming.

    1. I can't relate. I don't have an ex and never had one. Hehehehe.


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