Did anything make you sad today?

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Did anything make you sad today?

Hmmm. Depends. I'd rather not linger on it, some promises are really meant to be broken. I have learned not to expect :)

So.... Nothing really. There are many things that made me happy today!

I woke up to the rhythmic sound of the raindrops outside and the chilly feel in my bed. I am still having body pains but all manageable.

I got up and prepared a decent breakfast. I made coffee a little too strong than normal and so I had to take it in a little slower than usual. Of course, that has been posted on my Clicker Happy Yccos page for record-keeping and storytelling.

I got to study a set of test questions and I am working on a collection of kanji characters that I will need to print in flashcards for my reviewer. I wasn't able to open my Python module today because I took my time in the kitchen.

I got dressed for work a bit too early so decided to just play the guitar a bit and I was also able to do an unplanned one-shot recording of Crazy for You Cover Song. It was such a great reminiscent song for me. I love playing it ever since university days. I uploaded it in Youtube as if I had followers. LOL. But I will definitely post it in my blogpage:

Then, I received my grade in one of my subjects in the graduate schools and I couldn't be more grateful.

I got to meet the kids from the nursery center, so that was such a good dose of happy pills on a Tuesday.

Morning chat with family and a few convo exchange with friends while I walked my way home from work.

Therefore, that one sad broken promise won't even put a dent on the gratefulness I feel for the kind of Tuesday it has been.


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