Did you show someone appreciation today?

365 QOTD

Did you show someone appreciation today?

I greeted my friend a Happy Birthday, would that count? Haha. But as much as I can, I try to say “Thank you” to my friends and “I love you” to my family as often as I can.


I woke up with a very painful body, that if I try to do any movement, the other parts will wriggle in pain. But I did try to get up early, make decent breakfast and lunch pack, then took medicine, went back to bed and slept until 10:30am and then got up again to prep for work. Very slowly.

Then, at work, good thing that it wasn’t a busy day and no kiddie classes, meaning no book-read-cuddle moments.

I capped that night with a glass of grapefruit juice with my friends at a very tiny bar somewhere in downtown. With the hopes of building networks and just trying to relax, my friend invited me out and I had thought of bailing out coz of the rain but Y said that he was already on his way that’s why I decided to go out eventually. And so, my girlfriend Y and I were also able to have a good chat.

My sister A, was still on her way home so, we only had a very quick video call to say good night and take care as she takes her way home.

I am still sleeping with a painful body it is way better than this morning’s pain. Hopefully, tomorrow will get better. Hayst.