GWA Dramarama

Today, all the grades for my graduate school, AY 2017-2018 were all released. Officially, I am still at GWA of 1.5, way above the maintaining grades of 2.0 to qualify for the Comprehensive Exam next year and complete the MA Degree in Language and Literacy Education.

I was having slight fever today maybe because of getting wet in the rain yesterday, I wasn’t really feeling well the whole day and upon seeing my grade in LLE 207, I felt my fever got a bit higher. I was expecting a bit higher of a grade but it wasn’t what I received. I was a bit disappointed with myself and more of my teacher just because I knew that I tried very hard to complete the course requirements and had gone a bit above expectations by being able to cite current journals and studies in my final paper.

Then, I took a deep breath and got myself thinking. When I request transfer to this course, all I wanted to do was just pass all the course requirements and graduate. Why am I being such a grade conscious high schooler now? I actually got the grade I needed, and still have a good buffer of grades should I have a hard time with the incoming subjects as well. I needed to remind myself that these are just numbers and I have no academic scholarship grant as if I was still in the university.

I am just happy I am half-way done and I have completed one school year with all the recommended subjects completed and with good grades. Still, eyes on the goal, but let not the goal be the definition. I honestly did learn a lot and still learning a lot from all the discussions that we had—as a SL learner myself, as an SL teacher and a human being speaking multiple languages.

One more day at work, and hopefully, I can get some rest over the weekend. With the upcoming JLPT, I need to keep reviewing and taking practice test. I can’t afford to waste any time.

One of these days, I promise to write my journal entries in Japanese and in English. I will try.


  1. congrats! 1.5 :)

    sana ako rin makatapus na hahaha, pero hindi eh.


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