How many pushups can you do?

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How many pushups can you do?

I think 5 in a row. LOL. Still weak and lazy and fat.


I woke up feeling a bit better this morning and was even able to prepare a nice breakfast and lunchbox.

I went to the Japanese Conversation class but felt a bit disappointment because my teacher was absent and that since it has been becoming more popular than ever, more and more students had been coming and my regular test-taking practice is affected. I thought of just leaving but it might be taken negatively by my other Japanese teacher who would always give me something to eat before I leave for work after every class. So, I just stayed there with the new student and tried to enjoy the conversation.

Work had been uneventful. My to-do list is still filled and adding up. I like it better that way. Keeps me occupied.

My higher level class were all wonderful and I am just happy to see them relaxed and confident about their speaking capabilities. The other private student seem to have developed the skill of building meanings through context clues. Though it still takes a bit longer than usual to draw out her conclusions verbally, she is showing that solid foundation of language understanding through the clear definitions she would provide for every question I throw at her. I just cant help but be amazed how these kids are just so gifted and intelligent.

I walked home, forgot that I should have taken my bike so I can drive to McDo early morning tomorrow but then I realized that it makes it all better. I had to hurry back home to chat with my sister because my uncle was sent to the emergency room due to back pains. It appears that uncle has been suffering from poor nourishment. Obviously, because Tita stayed in Australia and we all knew that uncle wasn’t really a good meal planner.

I had to do a quick check on my youngest sister, how she is because I know that she is still trying to do the things I used to do for the two families of ours—looking after our parents and our uncle and aunt. She said that she is okay with and told her that if she isn’t comfortable about anything, she has to speak up rather than just blindingly following orders. She told about my father looking after uncle, how he took time to buy medicine for him and made sure he is okay.

I told her that we, as siblings, should be like that as well. That she should feed me, look after me and buy me Jollibee :P Haha. Of course, I know that we will always be there for each other. No matter what.

Did a 50-item Kanji test and still above 50% rating. I will need to keep reading and studying. Exam is coming up.

I posted a picture of me in Instagram today. Every now and then, I think I need that dopamine dose. I would honestly say that it felt good receiving compliments from family and friends. But I hope not to get overdosed and be drowned with social approval. Another thing is, posting on social media every now and then keeps the folks calm and lesser worried.

Tomorrow is Saturday. Then, one more sleep and I will have a chance to go surfing again!  


  1. wall push-ups lang ginagawa ko dati, sa loob pa ng cr para magising before maligo or ma-stretch ganun hahaha! mga 16 counts lang naman lol

    siguro usual lang sa mga father (o lalaki, tulad ng uncle mo at ng tatay ko) na hindi sila ganun ka-conscious sa pagpa-plano ng pagkain, basta meron na, yun na yun eh :)


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