I woke up from the dream, not from the alarm.

I woke up from the dream, not from the alarm.

In the dream, you were sending me some well-decorated messages about you finding your “Mia” and that you had proposed to marry her and that you have her, the message was in bold text complete with two big animatedly pumping hearts.

I don't even know if the word "mia" exists on its own. I know of the term of the Italian term of endearment "cara mia" but I am not sure if you speak Italian. 

Then, I woke up. I didn’t have the chance to see my own reaction in the dream itself. I wanted to send you a message and ask you about my dream, but I decided not to.

You haven’t attempted to read my last message, what are the chances that you will take time to read my dream that was of you? Plus, what good would it be? We were cyberfriends who decided to meet in person and had made a connection during the time that we met and then it was time to go on with our lives in separate parts of the world with random exchange of messages every now and then.

Until we meet again, if we ever meet again and if I remember to tell you about my dream, MAYBE, I will ask you about it.

I remember someone telling me, “if someone wants to be part of your life, he will make effort to do so.”

If someone wants to be part of your life, he will make his presence felt, in random conversations, in constant connection, in honest and open self.

So, I woke up from the dream, and I am just letting it be that. As for my reaction in the dream, I am just thankful that it had been left blank. I know that dreams have meanings and whatever this one may mean, I will let reality show it to me while I go on with my goals and my life as grateful as I am as always.  


  1. That's quite poignant. Last time a dream woke me? Never. It was a nightmare- a really bad dream about a zombie apocalypse. It was scary until I decided in my dream to just sit and wait and be eaten by zombies because i was too tired and lazy to run away. I woke up laughing. LOL!

    Can that dream of yours really mean something?


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