List five things you wish you invented.

365 QOTD

List five things you wish you invented.

1.     Something that could make me hold my attention onto important things.
2.     Something that could make me read what’s on the mind of other people.
3.     Something that could detect honesty.
4.     Something that could make me time travel and change history.
5.     A money-making machine. So I won’t have to worry about how to budget whatever I have and just so I can execute all my plans in life without worrying about funds.


Happy Crazy Thursday.

My Miyazaki girlfriends and I decided to dress up today for our weekday get-together. No plans of going anywhere far. Just somewhere chill coz we knew that it was a rainy kind of day. But plans changed. We hopped into a train and went to Aoshima—on a rainy day, no umbrellas, in long, flowery dresses and as for me, in my beige 3-inch heeled-shoes. Before that, we decided to sit-in in the free Beginners Japanese Class to visit our former teacher.
With Oba-sensei :) 

Quite a break from the usual, predictable type of things we do when we gather. Plus, it was such a wonderful feeling to see our previous teacher. I know that she felt very happy as well.

Before the rain touched my skin. Lol.

Pizza in that Italian restaurant in Aoshima was also good. We also got free ice cream!

Oh yeah, I was skipping and hopping in a long white, floral dress, beige pumps, holding an ice cream, under the rain. I will never forget that moment. While walking somewhere in the middle, I decided to take off my shoes and walk barefoot up until the Miyazaki Station. So I got into the train back to the city, on barefoot.

One of these days, I should take time to get soaked under the rain.


  1. I got wet from the rain one time, travelling around Pisa. I got sick for 10 days and I thought i was dying. Don't try to make it through the rain. You and I both know we're no Mariah Carey. LOL!


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