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Share a secret thought.

Then, it wouldn’t be a secret anymore! LOL.
But okay. Hmmm… I wish I can write erotica novels. But it looks like my writing ability had just been limited to emo-stricken, self-inflicted dramas. Well, I am working on my technical, research backed-up outputs in school. I got a whopping 1.25 in one of my subjects this semester with 3 different academic papers submitted.

Just finished working on a set of the kanji flashcards I will be using for reviewing for the upcoming JLPT exam. I still wish to stay up a bit late but I opened classes early morning tomorrow and I hope to be able to workout as well before I start a long day with friends and reviewing again thereafter.

In school, I was able to prepare a couple of slide sets for my advance classes and haven’t really been paying attention to the lower levels ones lately except the ones I get to handle real-time.

I need to start getting back to my balance sheets of my finances if I really want to get on with that trip to South Korea in October or fly to Thailand in early August.

List. Balance. Weigh in. Think. Plan. Execute.

I need to get back to the books.

One of my closest guy friends has been consulting me about flowers to send to his girlfriend and I just couldn’t be happier for him. I can still remember the first few times we met and how devastated he looked like and now, things had gone better. The little boy is a bit jittery because this is his first relationship.

I really can’t give him any piece of advice about anything except what I would want to get from a man I would fall for myself—to just be honest, be vocal about his feelings and thoughts, to be ready for surprises, to be really there when he said that he will be there and to never stop learning from each other.

I think I could have a career in giving pieces of advice on dating and relationships? What now? LOL.

As family and friends are finding their love or renewing their vows from all over the world, I just can’t help but be still about my own goals and status at the moment. It will come. He will come. He will find me. We will find each other and grow old together. We just happened to be either really busy with something else, maybe on different  sides of the world right now, or maybe just haven’t been formally introduced by a family or a friend yet. Who knows?

Busy, right?


  1. Ay grabe sya.... are you planning to publish the next sensation after 50 shades? Hahaha|

    hay nako kat... you are so lucky to be able to have the predicament between South Korea (cute boys) and Thailand (slutty boys). Choose well. hahaha!

    Baka nga nasa ibang bansa ang man of our dreams. and who knows, baka yung man of my dreams ay man of your dreams din. hahaha!

    1. Hahaha. How I wish kaya ng powers kong makapgsulat nang ganun! I had always admire E.L James. She was able to perfectly combine that millenial streak of romanticism and lust in writing.

      Hmm... Still making sure which one I would be able to make the best out of my meager budget. HAHAHA. Would I be satisfy with pa-cute lang or do I really need a full manly vibes on my trip! Still can't decide. I want it both. HAHAHA.

      Most likely, we have the same taste when it comes to men. Pero please lang, ipaubaya mo na sakin yung straight. Wag nyo na silang i-try na inconvert sainyong movement! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

    2. I'm sorry if I can't help being pretty in the eyes of the straight guy. hahaha!


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