There is no such thing as too much ___________.

365 QOTD

There is no such thing as too much ___________.

There is no such thing as too much optimism. As long as you are alive and kicking and able to think, things are possible.

I got a very rare Monday day off which I don’t really think has been helpful today. I am excited to midweek offs now because of surfing but I can’t get back to it until the 27th of July. Until then, I have to do my workouts at home.

I started the day with hopping off my bed straight to my listening exercises for JLPT. I was able to do a total of 30 exercises for listening. Then I went out for lunch and check out the restaurant my friend recommended because of its lunch promo, gyu-don for ¥350. It was such a heavy meal for me already. I think that’s my rice share for the week already. No more onigiri cheats until next week. LOL.

Then, I got a few things from Daiso. I bought new baskets, 2 white plastic baskets for my reviewers and papers and a bigger, round, collapsible, laundry basket

In between listening tests, I practice playing Bless the Broken Road in guitar and finally got to record in the evening. It is a very amateur attempt with lots of lapses in the plucking but who cares, that song has been playing my head for weeks now.

Upon coming home, I remember that I have to pick up something so went out again. I went to the post office to pick up a package. I stayed home almost all day. Flipping to my reviewers, reading random stuff, avoiding SNS.

Out of the blue, one of my friends who likes to throw dirty jokes on me sent a message telling me that he wants me to be part of his 12-song album. Yes, I will be an upcoming recording artist. LOL. It is a tagalog song about how one becomes stupid in love. He said there is no rush and that I should “sing from the heart and not from the mouth”. So, I am taking my time and this is also an opportunity for me to tinker on GarageBand.

Hayst. Back to work tomorrow. I don’t want to see people from work just yet. LOL.