What are you looking forward to?

365 QOTD

What are you looking forward to?

Quite a timely question. I look forward to better days.


The day had gone a little slower than usual. But still I would say a good one.

I started it off with a very profound cyber conversation about finding someone having someone, finding a partner, a definition of friendship and that of “growing in love”. I would say a good topic over breakfast.

Fast forward to school hours, I was trying my best to do my deliverables but I easily got distracted but still managed to finish within expectations.

Then, as we were waiting for the final minute to clock out, my co-worker walked me through her room and informed me about her upcoming resignation. It was quite a surprise. Though I knew about her plans of leaving, I didn’t see it coming sooner. But as I would always tell myself, “if it is time to go, it’s time to go.” Her time to grow further, had happened and she is on her way to making a bigger difference. I am sad and I wish her well.

Freetalk Saturday was also a bit silent than usual, with only three of us who attended the class. But it was fine. With me being under the weather, I opted to just go home and kept myself occupied with cleaning, laundry and a quick grocery shopping. I was thinking of reading before going to bed but it’s almost bedtime and I still need to wake up early tomorrow.

Tomorrow is Father’s Day. My brother surprised Papa with a new desktop monitor and he asked me for reimbursement. LOL.

It’s gonna be a rainy day tomorrow and so the surfing lesson will most likely be cancelled but we will work on doing the yoga class early in the morning. 

I haven’t been focusing very well with my reviewing but hopefully with the next 2 days off (Sunday and Monday) I get to do more.