What is the last purchase you made?

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What is the last purchase you made?

Major one? A membership fee in a surf club. It costed me almost 1.5 week’s budget.
Minor one? Did some minor grocery shopping that should last me until Saturday.


Today, is sort of self-love day.

Yesterday, I signed up for a full membership in a surf club in Miyazaki and today, I had my first surfing lesson in the morning and a yoga class in the afternoon. All I could say, this is one worth it expense for myself.

The constant sound of the sea, the cool breeze of the wind, the jazz music that fill the room, I can never ask for another way to spend this day.

Add the free carpool offered by my friend and the free lunch by his employee whom I had become my friend as well.

I crying emoji filter sent by my sister asking for her allowance is such a “kawaiisou” moment (kawawa moment) because classes were suspended, is part of the daily family chat.

I made new friends too J 

I can’t wait to be back on Sunday for another surfing class. Next time, I will try the Stand Up Paddle. As soon as it fits my schedule. Too bad, next week, I got a Monday off and the surf club is closed on Mondays. Why did I even get a Monday off?! LOL.

Oh well, it happens. But for now, it is nice to have a good break at a good place.

When I got home, the test permit for the incoming JLPT on July 1st has arrived as well, and I am excited. As if I am really studying hard. LOL. Gotta use the time I have now to study and learn to surf. No online job sign ups until maybe early August.

After answering 30 grammar questions tonight, I am giving myself some chance to read that book I had been wanting to finish since March until the clock strike 12 and I am ready for bed.

Tomorrow will be another day for reading and answering test questions and hopefully, I get the time to practice writing phrases and sentences to go with it. But gotta focus on reading and kanji and vocabulary. HAYS. Gotta focus in TOTAL.

Always, Thank you Lord.
You are Amazing as always.


  1. Hmmm... bumili ako sa Mercury Drug ng mouthwash, isang bote ng Sting energy drink, isang Monde Mamon at 2 pack ng Coffee Mate! :)


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