What made you lose track of time today?

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What made you lose track of time today?

Hmmm. Taking mock tests for JLPT.
I am trying to make the best of time in school by practicing taking JLPT tests.

Today is one of those special Saturdays.
Our good friend R had flown to Miyazaki again for some fun and get together. As usual, Saturday night is full of learning and just simply interesting.

They had been very much eager to find ways to make me stay longer in Miyazaki for the next years. That would mean business and profit for all of us. Hayst.

All I wanted to be is a good teacher. A preschool teacher and to help other local teachers be able to teach in the process. I love being with kids and I love sharing the joy of learning. But of course, I have to survive in order to sustain my goals in life.

I am just not really got at business I think but it is something worth-learning. Social enterprise. Social enterprise. If I am going to build a business, it has to be something that is for the common good and not just for a few chosen. Think. Think.

For the meantime, let me get some sleep for tomorrow’s first surfing sesh. Fever seem to have subsided today. Thank you my dear body for coping up.


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