What project are you working on?

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What project are you working on?

For now, I have PPNP aka Pera-Pera Nihonggo Project which will its 2nd assessment on the 1st of July this year. I will take the N4 level, 2nd to the lowest and is assumed to be the conversational level. If things go well, I intend to take N3 by December which will then be the business entry level.

Today, with a feedback session I gave one of my students, I seem to have reminded myself as well—learning is a product of habitual, short interval, repetitive act.

Though I have been reviewing lately, it wasn’t at a level that I want to see myself. I seem to be taking things lightly and not really putting pressure on myself and I feel guilty. I felt like I am not really doing a lot and have been slacking off most of the time. I don’t even know where this feeling is coming from! It just popped up.

There is always this feeling that I wish I can do more. When will this feeling of discontentment ever cease?

Ending my 5-day work-week with an amazing Saturday night with friends whom I got to share how their love stories had started and currently at. It’s always a nice feeling to see people in love. My investigative skills has been put to test again. Hehehe. I just really love asking questions.

Tomorrow, I will need to go the Miyazaki University by bus to check on the venue of my upcoming JLPT examination. I am still thinking if I will do in the morning, or in the afternoon, after I study and before I meet a new Filipina in town.

I haven’t been able to talk a lot of my family lately but still we get to exchange messages. But I do miss talking to them. I hope we can have time tomorrow night.


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