What was the last gathering you attended?

365 QOTD
What was the last gathering you attended?

Last Saturday was the regular Free Talk Saturday event :) It was quite a night of conversation with new, equally-amazing people in town. I look forward to hanging out again with them in the next Saturdays.

Sunday cherry on top.
The next day was quite a surprise with being able to go places.
Kisaki > Museum > Haramachi Cafe > Aya > Second Street > Donki.

Pat on the back...
Just because I was able to initiate actions I never had the courage to ask before.
Be able to be confident and comfortable about being myself and just having the opportunity to know new people around.

Monday mood.
Waking up to that crunching pain from the tummy, the hips and the thighs because it’s the time of the month. It’s one of the natural cycles I learned to accept and just let it be. No more analyzing  as to how I will survive mood swings and food cravings and that slothful feeling. Just let it flow. It is part of femininity. If I will filter down my personal essays, most of it must have been triggered by this monthly mood swings. Then, shake it off ala-Taylor Swift in the coming weeks then, the cycle repeats itself until I reach menopausal stage, if I get lucky enough to grow old. LOL.

I-did-it Monday List.
Practiced 20-item listening test while eating leftover adobo from the fridge.
Made coffee.
Went out for a quick grocery shopping then came home to eat again.
Played the guitar, craved for ice cream and so I ate ice cream.
Prepped for work. Got to work. Got mid day coffee fix.

Lazy Monday Night.
With manageable throbbing bodily pains, I decided to take Monday night slow-- folding clothes, cleaning the room while chatting with my family over video call and catching up with friends via chat as well. I actually haven’t had this kind of Monday for awhile because I usually open it for my other online job.