Quiet Sundays. SNS Diet.

I am dedicating the next few days for more readings, attempt on answering and more writing activities, just like what I did yesterday. 

I got up from bed aroun 8AM, an hour late from my usual start of a weekend. In my head, I was already computing how much time to spend on each home chore until I can get ready to go the library. I didn't get to finish until 11:30AM. Two hours late from my anticipated ETD. But still, I'm happy to have cleaned and tidied up my little crib. 

I intentionally left my phone home. I wasnt expecting any important calls or contact. It was quite a struggle at first but I am glad I made that detachment for 4.5 hours, studied two subjects, tried to complete an essay and get to read chapter of the book I'm reading. I borrowed two more at the library though I am not sure if I can lay a hand on it soon. But I have too. 

Also, a friend asked me to do dramatic voice prosody recording of a poem for his class, and so I did. I actually enjoyed it.

The Bumble app had a notif so I opened it, made a few swipes, sent a few hi's and then headed to the gym. 

The evening was spent on watching episodes of Blacklist Season 7 to get me caught up while folding clothes.

A quick video call with my sibs and our uberly-pampered dog, Nog while laminating some materials for school. 

Smeared some thick moisturizer on my face before calling it a night. 

I was thinking of writing all these last night but I didnt get to so, today, while the kids sing on the bus, I type away. 

Monday, let's get this week started right. 
Lord, I cast all my cares upon You and lay all my burdens down at Your feet. 


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