One More Step to Sucess: PBO Bazaar for a Cause

From one person's wish of extending generosity and kindness to others, the Pinoy Bloggers Outreach (PBO) was born. The first attempt to put smiles in the faces of others and share some time with them was done at White Cross Children's Home. I wasn't there. I didn't know much of what happened, how they did it, but I definitely know the fulfillment they have felt after it became a huge success. All I know, I want to be part of the next project.

First thing first, I read the blogs of the others, started blogging, got introduced to great writers and personalities, and then I joined the Facebook Group of PBO where most discussions are being held, members can freely speak up their minds about the activities of the group and the likes. The search for the venue had been a struggle for we wanted to earn as much as we can yet, spend minimally for the bazaar itself. God is good! All the universe conspired. With the great help from Pasig Capitol Community Church, headed by Pastor Guerrero,  we were able to find a space for our pre-loved items for sale right outside the church.

           Thank you Pastor. We are deeply in debt of gratitude to you and your entire church for having us last 24th of February, 2013. Your hospitality had made it possible for our group to earn what we have at hand right now, ready to be shared to one of those institutions. 

Enlisting the names and donations would take a lot of space in here. You know who you are and you know you contributed and PBO owes each of and everyone a big THANK YOU!. Rest assure that your pre-loved items are in good hands. Being bought at a very affordable price, we actually hit the bingo twice! The buyers were happy about their purchased items and the proceeds will be used for funding our next activity.

And the item I got for myself:
ONE PIECE Set- an addition to my toy collection :) 

Sigh! The bazaar is just the start of one big goal that we want to achieve- to put smiles in the faces of those who are less fortunate than us, to share our time and talents to these people who, most likely,  at one point in their lives, had lost hope and probably faith too.

As I had decided to be part of this group, I had put a challenge to myself.

It means, I would have to write and post more often because the group is that of PINOY BLOGGERS, and work in making every OUTREACH possibleWe have a unified vision to take the Blogging experience to the next level by fulfilling our mission to share our heartfelt support to the less fortunate.

Nevertheless, everyone is invited to join our cause. Your donation will definitely go a long way.

One Hit Wonder

I first heard this song from my boss's birthday jam way back in 2010, but when I asked him about the title, he said, he didn't know. And since we seldom get to talk, I painstakingly took the effort of re-playing the video and getting the lyrics of the song, then searching it as it is, with the power of google, I got it! I  WILL STILL LOVE YOU by Stonebolt. It was a great hit sometime in 1978- a one hit wonder.

They call it a one hit wonder because it is the ONLY song of the band that really hit the top charts during their time. Hmm.. I tried to listen to other songs by Stonebolt but just like that of others, they really didn't appeal to me. I never tried to dig in further in the history of the band, how this song became it is and I just stick to knowing the song as it is.

I wonder what made the writer compose the song. The writer must have loved someone so much that even after all the pain and disappointment, the writer can still say he/she still loves that person. With no doubt, when we are going through a very tough time on our lives, we take time to appreciate and interpret the lyrics of some songs that we feel can define what we are going through.

Here's the lyrics of the song, I had injected a few of my unsolicited insights about it. Your violent reactions are also welcome.

It's EMO Time!

Love 'em and leave 'em

Give them the air
Hurt and deceive them
Say you don't care
Break their hearts and let them fall
Like rain on your back stairs
Then call me up tomorrow
You know I'll still be there

When the moon disappears forever

And the sun shines electric blue
And the mountains and trees tumble into the sea
To rest there for eternity
No matter what you do
I will still love you

So if all your bridges go up in flames

And if all your lovers strike you too tame
Or some sad song of love you hear
Can make you call my name
I will be there in a minute
And you know I'll feel the same

When the moon disappears forever

And the sun shines electric blue
And the mountains and trees tumble into the sea
To rest there for eternity
No matter what you do
I will still love you

So the weary traveler

Tired of passing through
Stops to get his bearings
And stays on to wait for you

When the moon disappears forever

And the sun shines electric blue
And the mountains and trees tumble into the sea
To rest there for eternity
No matter what you do
I will still love you
I will still love you

Talk about martyrdom. I'm sorry but I can't. I deserve to be loved back. Chos!
Oh well, if the sun turns electric blue, it means, it's on it's highest level of temperature, and yellow it's at it's a little cooler state. By the time that the sun turns electric blue, everything on the solar system had melted. Or the sun is ready to explode and become a blackhole. I wouldn't know, would you?

There was a time that I thought I can only love one man my entire life--that feeling you think you are most ready to spend your life together and explore the world together-- you are ready to embrace all the faults and shortcomings-- because you love him. But reality is not like that. Maybe during the early parts of the relationship, one can still make some sacrifices with the HOPES of being appreciated and your efforts reciprocated, eventually, you will grow tired and tell yourself,you deserve something/someone better.

IN CONTRARY to this song, I don't know if I can say "I Will Still Love You" after all the disappointments, hardships and failed promises I had suffered because of you. I had never expected you to be perfect, but I had expected you to be honest from the very start.

The rest of the lyrics takes you back to undying love and martyrdom again and again.
How would you feel if this song is dedicated to you? Or to whom would you dedicate this song?

Credit to:

Ang Blogging, PBO at Ako

Babad ako sa internet. Simula nang madiskubre ko ang magic na nagagawa nito. Internet dependent na nga siguro akong matatawag. Nauubos ang oras ko sa chat, net surfing at iba pang pwedeng magawa sa internet. Itinuring na din akong sekretarya, tanungan ng kung anu ano, schedule ng movie, itineraries, prices and the likes. Nag-attempt na din akong mag blog blogan noon. Di ko lang na maintain dahil wala lang. Mas mahilig akong magbasa lang talaga. Pero minsan na din akong nanalo sa writing contests. Hindi lang talaga constant ang motivation ko sa pagsulat.

Anyway, sa minsang pagiging mausisa ko, naging fb friend ko Crunchee at nakita ko ang link ng blogspot nya. Hanggang sa nakilala ko na ang mga sikat ng blogosphere. Basta, sinasabi lang sakin ni Crunchee kung alin yung mga magagandang urls then ill search for it. Basa-basa. Noon, basa lang talaga, di ako nagcocomment. Hanggang sa dahil may pagkapakialamera ko in nature, di ko napigilan ang sarili kong magcomment dito, comment doon.

Viola! Naintroduce na din sakin ang PBO. At wala kong tulak-kabigin sa adhikain ng grupo. Gusto ko ng mga ganitong samahan-may pangarap para iba, mapagbigay, may mabubuting mga puso. Hindi man ako mayaman, pangarap kong maging pilantropo pagdating ng araw. Masaya kasi ang feeling ng nakakapag-share. Lalo na sa mga bata, they have the genuine emotions in their faces. Unless maybe, they've been through a lot that we don't know, yet, that's when they would need someone like us the most to give them hope and inspiration.

Dumating ang kamahalan, at nagdiwang ang kaharian. Nagkaron ng salo-salo at ang mga taong sa titik ko lang nasisilayan ay nakadaupang-palad ko. It had been a pleasure to meet all of you. I can't name you all. But I can try to cyberhug you all, basta nandun ka, at nandun ako, pasok ka sa banga! Powerhug!

Ito yung isang chance na maipagmamalaki ko sa mga taong nakilala ko kayo online. Yung mga taong sobrang tahimik in person at di makabutas kaldero, sila yung mga madadaldal sa mga panulat nila. Minsan, mas gugustuhin ko na nga lang silang kausap online kesa in person. Baka mapanis laway ko eh! Haha. Joke lang. Pero naisip ko, what you write is you no matter how hard you try to hide behind the letters. Your story shows your thoughts and how you feel.  One day, alam ko mapi-feature kayo at ang mga sulat nyo sa tv. Bibilhin ko na din ang mga pinaggagawa nyong kalokohan, kadramahan, kaechosan, at kabaklaan sa National Bookstore.. Kokolektahin ko na din kayong parang si Bob Ong, George RR Martin, Nicholas Sparks, Paulo Coelho, E.L . James at kung sino-sino pang author na kinahumalingan ko minsan sa buhay ko. Ipanreregalo ko na din ang mga sinulat nyo sa mga pinsang kong OFWs. At gagawan ko kayo ng book review.

Kasama nyan, marami pa tayong mapapangiting mga taong mas salat sa pangangailangan dahil magpapatuloy tayo sa PBO sa ating iba't-ibang outreach. Magiging modelo tayo ng kabataang pinoy-- Moderno. May sense. May pangarap. May puso sa pagtulong.

Lahat kayo at itinuturing ko nang kaibigan. Di man tayo magkausap palagi, alam kong alam mong may dalawang bagay tayong mapagkakasunduan-- ang pagsulat at ang PBO. 

Mabuhay ka, Pinoy Blogger!

My Intention.

January 24, 2013
The Committee
Teach For the Philippines

Dear Sir/Madam;

Good day.

I saw #Teachforthephilippines on Twitter last night and my curiosity made me aware of your advocacy. I am writing today to express my intention without hesitation to be part of the Teach for the Philippines Fellowship.

My name is Meow Meow, 26 years old, a graduate of Bachelor in Secondary Education Major in Physics and a Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) Passer last 2007. As I read the qualifications for eligibility, I can’t help my excitement to apply and let you know that I can be one of the fellows for this great cause.

I strongly agree with your vision of providing every Filipino child a quality education. I came from a family who value education so much. I had seen my father’s sleepless nights and workaholic days just to fulfill his familial duties—a roof on our heads, food on our table and most importantly, a good education. He would always remind us that it’s the only thing they can give us. True enough, life has been better since we graduated and landed good jobs. Now, I know that it’s time to share the knowledge and be an inspiration to others to let not poverty hinder our dreams of achieving a better future.

It’s been almost five years now that I had been assisting my family financially. Now that my younger brother had graduated in college and my two other younger sisters are almost finished with their undergraduate studies, I realized that it is about time that I look after my dreams and passion--to be a Teacher.  I had been seeking pieces of advice from my parents, brothers and sisters, godparents and trusted friends about this career change that I am about to take, and I had always received a positive answer  and unending support, they are all happy saying that it’s about time I consider my personal goals. It is about time that I pursue my own passion. I love helping people, it doesn’t matter if they were able to thank me for that or not. As long as I know I had made a difference in their lives, I feel contented. What my resume cannot illustrate are the intangibles that set me part from other candidates. I have a tremendous love for children and place a high standard on learning. I possess a calm attitude and superb understanding of children's needs. Family and friends are surprised by how comfortable their children feel with me. If you are looking for a positive, personable and able to perform in a demanding environment, please consider my candidacy for the position.

My work experiences in the multi-national companies had taught me to be professional at work, dedicated, goal-oriented and to go an extra mile if necessary. Working in a demanding environment, I always make sure that I learn fast and do things right. Setting up high standards for integrity and workplace attitudes had always been my mantra. Being in a culturally-diversified workplace had taught me to be respectful of others and always see the goodness in other people.

While I am currently employed, I took an online course for Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Language (TESOL) which I had completed and received a passing grade just this month of January 2013. At this time, I am pursuing another certification under the same institution of International TEFL/TESOL Training (ITTT), the Certificate in Teaching of Young Learners. I had never stopped trying to learn and I always keep myself up to date with the trends in education for I know that someday, I will come to do what I had always love to do—be a Teacher. The training you will be providing as part of the fellowship before deployment will be beneficial to help the fellows become prepared in the teaching arena. It will refresh and add more skills to the qualified ones.

I know that there are other applicants who would like to be part of this humanitarian endeavor. At this moment, all I can show you is my sincerest request to be considered to the Fellowship. It will be my great pride and honor to initiate my teaching career under the wings of Teach for the Philippines Fellowship.

You can contact me at my email:, cellphone: 09220614859 and landline: 2 378 0193, anytime. I am available for interview as soon as you require of it.

I look forward to your outmost consideration and appreciation. Thank you for your time.

Sincerely yours,

Meow Meow 

Happy Thoughts!

Happy Hearts Day Everyone!

Today I had received one of the best gift for Valentine's Day.

I'm gonna let you know soon.

I was advised not to talk about it yet. But I'm very much excited to share the happiness I feel today.


Napako ang paningin nya sa labas. "Ang ganda ng langit, kunan ko nga..." Sabi nya sabay kuha sa kamera nya. "Alam mo ba walang ganito dun, dun parang ang taas ng mga ulap, di tulad dito, ang ganda ng pagka asul ng langit..." Nangingiti nyang pagkukwento.

"Di mo ba gusto ang pagkain?" Napansin nya yata ang bagal ko sa pagkain. "Mabagal lang talaga ko kumain." Sabi ko na lang. Habang iniisip ko na iyon na marahil ang huli naming pagkikita, di ko na malasahan ang pagkain. Pinipilit ko na lang ubusin. Pero di ko talaga kinaya. Itinabi ko na lang ang plato na halos kalahati pa ang laman. "Busog na ko."

"Mamimiss kita," gusto ko sanang banggitin. Pero di ko ginawa. Pinagkasya ko na lang ang sarili ko sa isiping ako ang kasama nya ngayon. Ako ang inuna nyang nais makita nung dumating sya. Ako din ang huli nyang kasama ngayong pabalik na sya.

Alas-dos na. "I have to check in na" tumayo sya at inayos ang mga gamit. Ako din, inimis ko ang mga gamit ko at inayos ang aking sarili. Habang naglalakad kami, "parang ayoko na lang umalis," banggit nya. "Ano ba? Marami kang babayarang utang. So you have to work hard." Yun na lang nasabi ko.

Kumuha sya ng cart at inayos dun ang mga maleta nya. Inilabas ang e-ticket, passport at iba pang dokumento kelangan nya. Nung makita kong ayos na sya at papasok na sa lounge, "you're all set na? I have to go na din." Sabi ko. "Yes." Sabi nya. Niyakap nya ko nang mahigpit "thank you so much. Mag-iingat ka lagi" yun ang huling narinig ko na sabi nya. Mahigpit din ang pagkakayakap ko. Kinailangan ko pang tumingkayad dahil may katangkaran xa. "Kiss ko?" Pahabol pa nya habang di ako pinapakawalan sa bisig nya. Natawa naman ako, humarap ako sa kanya at akmang hahalikan ko na sya sa pisngi pero di pala dun ang pakay nya. Walang sabi-sabing nagtama ang aming mga labi. Tila tumigil ang mundo ko. Nang maghiwalay kami, nakita ko ang ngiti ng tagumpay sa mga labi nya. Di ko alam ang sasabihin. Naisip ko lang na maraming taong nakakita nun. Tumalikod na ko at pumara ng taxi. Di ako lumingon. Pagbaba sa rampa ng sinasakyan ko, di ko na napigilan ang pagpatak ng luha saking mga mata. Pilit kong ikinukubli sa mamang driver. Ngunit napansin din nya. "Asawa nyo po ba yun?" Pang uusisa nya. "Hindi ho, kaibigan ko po" sagot ko. "Sus, parang hindi naman." "Mahirap ho kasing sagutin ang tanong nyo." Sabi ko na lang. "Tsaka ho, iyakin po talaga ko." Yun po yata talaga yun. Nakarating ako sa bahay, at ganun pa din. 

The plane had arrived. I'm just waiting for boarding. Thank you so much. I owe you a lot-Text nya.
I'm home na. Ingat ka din and have a safe flight.-reply ko.
I'm boarding na. Ingat ka lagi and God bless you.-text nya.
Ok. Ingat ka din.- sagot ko.
I'm on the plane na. Mag iingat ka lagi and God bless you.- huling text nya.
Ok. Have a safe flight. I'm gonna miss every minute of having you around-huling sagot ko.

Itinulog ko na lang ang kalungkutang bumabalot sa pagkatao ko nung araw na iyon. Pinilit kong kalimutan ang lahat at ipinaalala sa sarili kong may sarili syang buhay at ako din. Di ko dapat lunurin sa kalungkutan ang sarili ko dahil di ko alam kung ganun din sya.

Im here na.:(- message nya.
Im home na - message nya ulit.
Glad you're safe. Kagabi pa ko umiiyak- sagot ko.
Wag ka na iyak. - sagot nya.

Lalo lang akong napahagulgol.

Dahil Iyakin Ako. Noon, Ngayon at Magpakailanman

Hindi ko talaga alam kung bakit kelangan ka pang tumulo tuwing nasasaktan ako. Puwede namang di ka na umagos pa nang hindi na makita ng iba na may dinaramdam ako. O kaya, bat hindi na lang tuwing masaya ko ikaw dumating?

Kaso ibang klase ka! Mapamasaya, mapamalungkot na pinagdaraanan ko, nandyan ka.

Bukod sa ayokong maramdaman ang sakit ng pagkabigo, ayoko ding makita ng iba ang pagdurusa ko. Kung pwede lang na hindi ka dumaloy tuwing naaalala ko ang masasakit na kahapon. Nagagawa ng iba yun, pero bat saking mga mata parang may bukal ng mga luhang laging nag uunahan sa paghaplos sa magkabilang pisngi ko.

Ayun na nga...... POKER FACE sana.


I was viewing my notes and got into this:

Then I remembered, these are my bloopers:

Posted on 07/11/2011:

Ya-ho                                         the internet search engine Yahoo
Western Nyor-Nyor                     WEstern Union
Fleerrrttt                                      Flirt
Ar-chives                                    Archives
electRownically                            electronically
red alert                                     menstruation
Nohtis                                       notice
Keep rate                                     kept rate
kaleydoscope                             kaleidoscope
feecture                                      picture
Rowland                                     Roland
Q: Foreign ba sya?
katkat: Hindi, British                So, magkaiba ayun?
meyaam                                   ma’am
page cannot be pound            Page cannot be found
angels and demons                 gargoyles
chinese tea                                chai latte
shuuggri-la                             shangri-la
weapon of mass descrochshon     weapon of mass destruction
ravver shus                               rubber shoes
noyn noyn noyn                             9-9-9
ayan..if you still have more to add, please feel free to message me..=)


Ever heard of this campaign:


It is a non-profit organization which believes that Filipino child has a right to an education without compromises, an education that involves and realizes the totality of a person's possibilities, an education that is excellent, relevant, and inclusive.

It is a newly organized movement in the Philippines under the umbrella of Teach For All-a worldwide network of non-profit organizations with almost 25 countries affiliation. 

What happens here?

The organization is in search of young professionals and newly graduates who can teach for two years in one of the high-need schools in our community. They will be trained, compensated and supported by the organization up to the end of the 2-year program.

I signed up.

Yes, I did. I had been invited for a demo-teaching, interview and assessment last Monday, February 4, 2013 in their office at Makati. 

I think I did well, as per the verbal assessment of my recruiter. But then, we still don't know. With more than 500 applications from young and promising Filipinos from all over, I felt lucky to be invited in their office for further assessment. I had been able to meet the CEO, the partners from UK and Malaysia as well. 

The results wont be released until the third week of February. And I am keeping my hopes up. Prayers for it to be granted. Yet, I have readied myself for the other answer. 

If ever I get selected, it means I have to give up a lot of comforts-the high pay, the air-conditioned office, structured work goals and friends in the office. Still, I am ready. It is now or never. 

Imagine the life of a teacher. Imagine being a teacher in one of those depressed areas in Quezon City. 

I am still waiting. I hope they count me in.