Ooh life, Ooh day.

I am thinking of skipping tonight's nikki entry but here I go, thumbing away.

The days have been unfriendly because of this massive headache I keep experiencing. It could be because of the weather, the time of the month or just being frustrated with making attempts to make some financial transactions. Add to that the thunderstorm and thunders and heavy rains. I survived. I survived but can't really say, "keep bringin 'em on." I need time to reenergize.

10 kanjis every morning. That's my personal challenge which started last Thursday.

My Kobo e-reader has arrived and I have loaded it with some books I look forward to reading.

Ooh life. Ooh day.
No matter how shitty a day can be, it's a beautiful life if spent with the right people.

365 QOTD
A funny thing happened on the way to _____________.

...... on the way to the pantry. Ms. E squeezed on cheel of my butt and I screamed so loud.