How much is a gallon of milk?

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How much is a gallon of milk?

I don't know! I live in a country where they use the Metric System of Measurement. Sorry!


Im gonna try to sleep before 12 midnight tonight.

Today went pretty good, I think. Though, I wasn't able to study long enough this morning. I was able to sort out some of the ideas and notes I have in preparation for the writing of my first case study. I had never written anything more than 700 words for the past 10 years, I think. Most of my reports and essays are very short and all of my own point of view.

So, the case studies that I will be writing are big challenges that I am taking my time to build. In two months, I wonder what I will accomplish. Just gotta keep reading and writing and reflecting. Hayst. What is this I have chosen for my life?! LOL. Someday, I keep telling myself, it will all be worth it.

I was able to do a one-shot recording before I went to work this morning. I obviously made a mistake on the last two lines of the song, but I really had no time nor extra energy to re-do the whole video recording. I was just happy that I was able to sing and play the guitar again. Next time, really gotta do that Japanese version of the Moana theme song.