Sea Cross, Where Wishes Come True.

After a day-long trip north east of Miyazaki, on our drive home, Tita G asked me while I am taking my Masteral Studies. At this point in my life, I should probably have busy myself with other stuff like finding a boyfriend and eventually settling down, right?

I answered her with the usual answers I give:
1. I'm bored here. I thought I have a lot of free time.
2. I really wanted to graduate from University of the Philippines. Though, I had graduate from a regional flagship state university, there is distinct pride in graduating from the national flagship university.
(I had to give up my undergraduate option due to circumstances that were out of my control coz I was a minor, but now, I control my choices and I chose to do this.)
3. I am single and what else is there to do but improve oneself.

Last night was the longest hour, so far, that I had studied (with cellphone scrolling on the side) 4 hours. Then, I slept only for 3 hours then headed back again to McDonalds to study for another 2 hours so as not to feel guilty for not being able to study the whole day coz we had gone somewhere as our last getaway for this year's summer.

Our not-so planned trip took us to Hyuga City. A city in the northeastern part of Miyazaki Prefecture facing the Pacific Ocean. Aside from surfing, the city is famous for a certain mountaintop destination named Sea Cross, Where Wishes Come True. It is a cove formation where several islets come together and the waters in between forms two small channels that intersect and form a Cross. For a country with almost 1% of people with so-called belief in a Divine Being, this kind of sightseeing spot is somewhat unusual to me. But then, in one way or another, Japan has been penetrated by several movements of faith and sects.

Tita G said that I should make a wish, coz she did the same before and her wish came true.
I made two wishes. I realized I should have made three.

1. One for career.
2. One for my heart.
3. One for my entire being to be of help to others. I actually don't know how that one would work.

Funny as it my seem, I guess, one had an instant answer. He is certainly telling me to wait and avoid making irrational actions and the dark side of the night. But still, I am letting life surprise me. More than wishes, there are prayers and that unexplainable faith.

For the meantime, let me also contribute on working on these wishes by being the responsible and committed to results adult that I am.

Wednesday was a good day. Life is constantly reminding me that no matter how many disappointments I may come across with, I have a loving family and friends to come home to and that I can just always clean up my mess and start anew the next day.